Our Favorite SXSW Tweets So Far

Ok, so let’s preface this by saying that there are thousands of tweets about SXSW every single day this week. There’s no way we’ll be able to read all of them without installing an extra set of eyes. However, out of the tweets we’ve seen while purusing our Twitter feed, some really seem to capture the essence and fun of southby. We’ve listed them below, but please feed free to add your favorites to our comment section!


@BAHjournalist: Forget doves. Prince will make you cry when you can’t get into his #SXSW performance. Here’s how to get in ► http://on.mash.to/W5ykdb 

@monikarun: What people say is wrong with you or why they hate you is exactly why you’ll be successful. – @rwzombie #sxsw

@softreeds: new bowie on repeat, wandering #SXSW, trying to sort out which @surferblood show to crash.

@KUTnews: How to sound like a local at #SXSW: Know the (mis)pronunciations that keep Austin weird http://bit.ly/13u2DsH 

@AnnaHovet: This Austin sun feels so good.

@Ontheracks: Baby burgers, beer, and music with @samsungmobileus. Loving life at #sxsw.

@mariavelasco27: So I just ran in to one of the Jonas Brothers at a restaurant. #SXSW

@delorentos: There are some impressive beards wandering about #SXSW

@AdamTichauer: Tank tops are key to a happy #sxsw

@lcow2190: Won a #SXSW volunteer drawing for guaranteed entry to the @YYYsshow at @StubbsAustin tomorrow! Thanks, concert gods!

@bevin_cox: I have spent more time on Twitter today than I have in the past year…must be #sxsw


Photo by FP Julia

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