Free People Horoscopes, March 25-31

Horoscopes by Tracy Allen

aries star sign illustrationARIES

March 21–April 19

You really want what you want this week, and that’s to do your own thing. But a close relationship could end up being a complicating factor. The full moon in your others angle spars with four planets in your sign, challenging you to balance someone else’s feelings and needs against your urge to be uncompromisingly yourself. Part of the beauty of Aries is that you’re simply excited to be here, to have incarnated as you. As the first sign, your motto is “I am.” And with both desirous Venus and the ego-oriented sun running into impatient Uranus in Aries now, you’re eager to get on with the business of being you. Problem is, most of the planets that aren’t in Aries are giving those Aries planets a rough time. Translation: you’ll probably get several reminders this week that you can’t just do you. The demands of your personal and professional life are tugging at your sleeve, and that could make you want to bolt for the door. One thing you’ve got going for you at the moment is the ability to speak your truth, so although you won’t be able to reconcile the discordant parts of your life overnight, you can start a productive conversation about them.


taurus star sign illustrationTAURUS

April 20–May 20

A big part of you is longing to go into hiding for a while, but the full moon in your responsibilities zone suggests something work or health related will reach a climax and force you out of seclusion. This might point out what you can do better in your daily life, so pay attention. You may not be able to help obsessing over your future, and that adds to your inner tension now. Unconscious anger over a commitment you feel locked into could create further friction, as could your vagueness about what’s missing in your life. Retreat feels like the natural course of action, but don’t make it about running away from life. During your alone time, direct your mind towards what you feel confident about, what you’re looking forward to and the people in your life who can help you change your circumstances. Try to get in touch with the strong opinion you’re harboring about what you value and what you want. It’s in there somewhere and can guide you.


gemini star sign illustration 2GEMINI

May 21–June 20

You’re enthused about teamwork, but the group dynamic isn’t meshing well with the kind of detailed, efficient, in-depth effort that’s called for if you’re going to make serious progress. When a full moon lights up your self-expression zone, you feel the strain of needing to do what makes you happy but trying to collaborate with others. A creative project may come to fruition or you may find your love life at odds with your goals. And when zealous Jupiter in your sign jostles with intense Pluto in your sharing zone, an issue with trust, possessiveness or sex needs to be dealt with. Be honest about your expectations, and although Jupiter in your sign can make you feel like you have the truth on your side, try not to be so attached to being right. Digging for deeper insights will transmute a situation to an extent that preaching won’t. It’s good to be a Gemini during a rollercoaster week like this; you’re one of the most flexible signs, so just keep adjusting to each day’s energy.


cancer star sign illustrationCANCER

June 21–July 22

Your career track may not sync up easily with your artistic streak, leisure time or your love life now, but admit to yourself that you’re privately optimistic about where you’re headed. You may not be getting the support you want, and you could even feel blocked by someone, but don’t let that become your focal point. Family or domestic drama or an emotional flare-up of your own reminds you to seek a balance between your personal and professional lives, as the full moon highlights those opposing areas of your chart. Romance, creativity, work, home, your dreams of travel or learning—any and all of these may demand your attention this week, but things refuse to fall into place. Inspiration mixes with impatience, and rational thought comes into conflict with intuition. Strive for some sense of equilibrium, understanding that perfect balance will elude all of us this week.


leo star sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

A full moon points out the polarity between the house in your chart that it lights up and the opposing house where the sun is transiting. Since your sign’s natural ruler is the sun, your tendency is to side with it and to experience the full moon as external drama. And with three other planets joining the sun, the scales are certainly tipped in that direction. So you’ll relate to at least some of the affairs of the sun’s house: wanderlust, a taste for freedom, a brash sense of having the answers, and a pull toward the future. But information could come to light now that throws you off course; a sibling’s feelings may conflict with your beliefs; or fair questions and balanced thinking could change your mind about something. You may find yourself fired up about a group outing, attending to responsibilities at home, having a heart-to-heart talk, grappling with a job, health or pet issue—there’s a lot going on this week! The best thing you can do is to keep an open mind and not be too wedded to prioritizing one particular thing over another.


virgo star sign illustrationVIRGO

August 23–September 22

As a problem solver, you’re not a fan of weeks like this where all the pieces of the puzzle simply will not fit together. You’ll figure out sections here and there, but the gaps in between them keep the whole picture from taking shape. It’s a frustration every sign will have to live with temporarily, but Virgos are more apt to be irked by it, since it emphasizes the messy imperfection of our lives. Throughout the week, every planet is interacting in some way with another planet, making us all feel like we’re in a pinball machine. Your cacophony will likely involve several of the following: trust issues, cynical thinking, career aspirations, powerful love or creativity, overspending, insecurity, desire for closeness, a serious talk, and an urge for personal space. Communication is essential during this rocky time, and rest assured that next week will almost certainly be much quieter so you’ll feel more effective.


libra star sign illustrationLIBRA

September 23–October 22

A full moon in Libra this week forms significant angles with every other planet, accentuating the complicated relationship between your needs and emotions and practically every other aspect of life. What you need and feel will likely gel with your hopeful view of the future and your aspirations to expand your mind and your horizons. Your thirst for adventure and learning may naturally dovetail with your mood. However, various other factors could clash with what you need and feel: the unpredictability of other people’s desires and actions; the uncertainty of your work; your yearning for a more meaningful use of your time; the scarcity of funds; self-doubt; domestic turbulence; childhood baggage; instability in a relationship; a health issue; and communication with your colleagues. Since full moons are about balance and you’re the sign of the scales, it’s a given that your emotional requirements won’t trump everything else. Although you’ll be obliged to weigh your needs against various competing factors, don’t discount them by any means. Do your best to honor them while dealing with the complexities of the outside world.


scorpio star sign illustrationSCORPIO

October 23–November 21

With disciplined Saturn retrograde in your sign, you feel like you’re in a holding pattern, no matter how determined you are to put in the work. You’re striving to improve yourself, and you’re speaking and thinking in a more empowered way. But when a full moon lands in your subconscious zone this week, emotions arise that prompt you to tend to your inner life. What do you need in order to achieve a sense of peace that sustains you amidst the maelstrom? Are you getting enough quality sleep? Do you make time for some form of spiritual practice? What do you need to release so that you can truly move on? With everything you’re trying to accomplish, are you losing track of your core self? Also look at the possibility that you’re putting up a roadblock in work and in a close relationship, and if you see that happening, ask yourself why. You expect so much from yourself and others, but maybe you don’t trust yourself or them to deliver. It’s an intense week, so if you need more alone time than usual to get through it, don’t feel guilty—take it.


sagittarius star sign illustrationSAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

The supercharged sun, pleasurable Venus and spontaneous Uranus come together in your joy sector this week, spelling romance, creative fulfillment and playtime. But all three planets plus Mars are opposed by the full moon in your group zone, encouraging you to consider the needs of others in addition to your own happiness. A friend’s emotional meltdown or a blowup with an organization you belong to could serve as a dramatic reminder that people’s feelings may need your attention. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing that might keep you from enjoying yourself. Lingering winter blahs, financial difficulties and confusion with your family or in your living situation could undermine your fun. Meanwhile, your faith in someone close to you could be tested by a problem over money or values. You’ll probably need to deal with a lot of incongruent matters now, but keep coming back to the seed of happiness that’s growing. You’ll soon have a chance to nourish it when things calm down.


capricorn star sign illustrationCAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Whether you experience it as internal tension or external chaos, it’s a hectic time, with all the planets clicking and clashing throughout the week. A large part of your focus is on home and family, thanks to four planets traveling through your domestic angle. But the full moon in your career sector opposes those planets, pitting your professional life against your personal life and possibly manifesting as drama with your boss or a goal coming to fruition—hopefully the latter! Unclear communication and the intensity of your ambition could pose problems. But maintaining faith in your colleagues and being scrupulously above-board with them should help. You may have one foot out the door, moving towards your next objective, and that fact—coupled with the strength of your desire to change yourself and your circumstances—is somewhat unsettling not just to your peers, but to you. That’s valuable to recognize now.


aquarius star sign illustrationAQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Your mind is racing, due to four planets in speedy Aries in your cognition sector. With your career growth seemingly stalling at the moment, you’re frustrated and want to push ahead. But some of your uneasiness stems from the anger that’s bubbling up inside you. You’re better off exploring it than repressing it, since it will only come back stronger if you push it down. A full moon in your philosophy house brings your beliefs into the light for your review, and the challenging angles it forms to several other planets suggest a shift in perspective is necessary. Is there a viewpoint that may have outlived its relevance to your life? A way of seeing the world that isn’t serving your finances, confidence, ambition or the changes going on inside you? The subtle but powerful psychological changes you’re experiencing probably aren’t meshing well with your hopes for fun, romance and creative fulfillment. Part of you feels ancient and part of you feels like a teenager. This week could be overwhelming, so just do what you can to address the various things flying at you without feeling like you have to get a handle on all of them.


pisces star sign illustrationPISCES

February 19–March 20

The full moon in your shared-resources zone draws your attention to what you need from people. This part of your chart rules money that belongs to or comes from others—taxes, joint bank accounts, loans, grants and inheritance, for instance. But it also concerns messier merging like sex and shared secrets and can bring up issues of trust, jealousy and possessiveness. Something may come to a head this week in one of these areas, and with communicative Mercury getting up to speed in your sign, you should try talking about it. It won’t be easy, but you’re struggling with some weighty stuff and need to start to process it rather than despairing. Troubled friendships, money woes, doubts about the future, family demands—you’ve got a lot going on that you may not want to face. We’ve all got a lot going on this week, so take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. If you don’t feel like confiding in anyone right now, you might write in a journal instead.

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SPOT ON. I am libra. Scary. I am a neuroscientist, so I shouldn’t believe in this, but damn, it is exact this time!! :o)

These are always perfectly aligned with my Aries life. I look forward to reading them every week. Thanks for all the helpful tips!


I laways wish I would be told EXACTLY what to do. ;)
Hate figuring it out on my own.

On point.


…scary, Taurus this week is right on track with me. Le sigh…


Once again, the Aquarius horoscope synchronizes perfectly with me.
Bring it on, week!! ☼


I am so glad FP chose this astrologer. She is right on w it!


Thank you.
Your fellow Scorpio.


I don’t think I have EVER had a more accurate horoscope. Taurus is so spot on with my life my right now, not to mention I love all of your meditation and yoga articles!


Your horoscopes are so on spot it’s scary. I’ve been following for a whild and when I look back they’re on the money also! Now “I’m a Believer”~~~~~~


So spooky – tough week for Pisces. Trying to put myself back together.

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