Hair Chalk For Any Hair Color

Our March catalog is giving us endless inspiration on how to use our hair chalk! After last week’s purple haze post, some of you asked us to do a post showing which color hair chalk works best with specific hair colors. Well, ask and you shall receive!

If you have blonde hair, you can pretty much use any of the hair chalk colors and get great results – with the exception of the yellow hair chalks, which just tend to blend in. I have dark brown hair and Brigette has lovely red hair, so we both experimented with the Free People hair chalk to see which colors worked best on us!

hair chalk for red hair

On red hair, light colors worked really well. We loved the mint green, slate blue, and yellow on Brigette’s hair! If you have red hair, try the green Ombre Hair Chalk set.

hair chalk for red hair

hair chalk for brown or black hair

I have dark brown hair, and on my hair and black hair, the colors that stand out the most are bright and vibrant shades like pink, magenta, mint green, and turquoise blue. If you have dark brown or black hair, try the pink or blue Ombre Hair Chalk.

hair chalk for brown hair

hair chalk for blonde hair

Lastly, if you have blonde hair you can get great results with pretty much any of the hair chalk hues.  However, we really love a reddish/peach combo on blonde hair! If you have blond hair, try the pink Ombre Hair Chalk.

hair chalk for blonde hair

Shop all hair chalk from Free People!

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  1. What are the benefits to your product?
    I don’t mean this in a harsh way, but what’s to stop me from buying regular soft pastels for $5?

  2. Hi Molly, these hair chalks are meant specifically to be used in hair, whereas regular soft pastels are not and might damage your hair!

  3. Hi Moira – not as much as you might think, but i would recommend wearing darker clothing when using it because you may get a little bit of residue on them. It comes out though!

  4. could you tell me the ingredients? I want to buy these but have sensitive skin and fear irritation.. are they the same as regular art pastels?? THANK YOU<3

  5. It would be nice to see it on actual Dark brown or black hair. Any chance of posting a photo of a black haired (or darker brown haired) model?

  6. Do you happen to know any hair tutorials for the first hairstyle? It’s so pretty but would love to see the front!

    Clare x

  7. Hi Clare — that’s me in the first photo! I curled my hair using a curling iron and then was actually just holding my hair up for the photo, so unfortunately it’s not really an updo.

  8. Thanks Lo Lo! I saw this post and I just got my chalk from HENNYHAIR in the mail and I love it! The colors look awesome in my hair!

  9. Thanks for including red hair in this demo!. Mine is almost the same color as Brigette’s so I’ll definitely be picking up a set for this summer! I know you said you were just holding up your hair, but it’s still so pretty! I need to figure out how to do mine like that.

  10. So I really wanted to try the hair chalk out but my hair stylist said that since I have blonde hair the chalk would likely stain my hair for a while. Was this true for any of you guys? I really don’t want to stain my hair some janky washed out color….

  11. These hair chalks are pretty cool! Never seen them before! it’s a better solution when you dont want a permanent colour thats for sure or just a one night blast for a party or something. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am so glad you’ve made some for dark hair! My hair is such a dark brown that nothing shows on it. I’m gonna try the pink hair chalks, thanks FP :)

    x Renee

    P.S. I am obsessed with your brand… I stalk your page on Shopbop almost daily to see what’s new, but now that your main page has international shipping (I’m in Singapore), I guess I’ll be stalking your homepage from now on! Hehe :)

  13. I have blonde hair on the top and brown hair on the bottom. I really want to look awesome for this weekend but I have no clue what color my hair would look good in! Suggestions??

  14. Hi, how does the chalk go away? Does it needs only a shower? (Sorry for the probably wrong grammar buy I’m from Italy) byeee :)

  15. How wonderful the hair is! Love it but I saw many feedbacks that it will make the hair dry. How can I have this color without harming my hair?

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