Happy Holi!

Happy Holi everyone! Holi is a festival of color that is celebrated by Hindus every spring. The festival has many meanings, the first of which is a celebration of the beginning of spring – it is an explosion of color and official farewell to winter; a celebration of good over evil. To celebrate, people light bonfires, dance in the streets and throw colored powder in the air, resulting in truly breathtaking images.  We are tremendously inspired by Indian culture and our FP girls who have been in India for this festival have told us stories of how incredible it is – so when a box of Holi powder was shipped to our office, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it (literally!).  Happy Holi, and happy spring!


holi powder gif

holi powder hands

More creative inspiration from the BLDG 25 Blog.

Photos by Julia.

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10 years ago

I’ve always wanted to go to the Holi festival! It looks so beautiful! The closest thing I can get to it though is “The Color Run”. It’s a 5k where you start off wearing white, but by the end of the race you’re covered head to toe in color (Holi powder!). I’ll be attending the Philly one in July and already have my FP Movement outfit picked out! SOOOOOO EXCITEDDDD

10 years ago

I’m dying to do a photo shoot with Holi powder, love it!

10 years ago

I wish i could go to a Holi festival but unfortunately, i’ll have to settle with the 5k race i did earlier this year! We all started off wearing white but by the end we had all made new friends and were throwing powder into a mosh pit of colorful runners! :)

10 years ago

Where did you order your holi powder from? I’d like to purchase some of good quality. Thank you.

10 years ago

…its called Gulal, the holi powder.

10 years ago

…its called Gulal, the holi powder.
You can make some herbal, chemical free Gulal at home using basic turmeric powder mixed with double quantity of gram flour(to get yellow color), and gram flour(besan) are brilliant beauty masks as well.

10 years ago

I”m lucky enough to be in India studying with my teachers now and was here for the long Holi celebration. It’s amazing! Everyone is so happy and the divisions between the cast systems relax. My whole head and shoulders were covered in the brightest pink, green, yellow, and blue I’ve ever seen! You can give money to the kids if you don’t want to be covered in holi powder, which the the way to go after one round of washing your holi laundry!