Inspiration: Flowers In Your Hair

I love it when spring comes and the trees start to blossom and the streets are full of color and scents that awaken you. I often walk the streets picking the fallen petals. Whether it be for my sketchbook or simply just to decorate a braid I’m wearing for the day. I always find it gives you a little added happiness when you have a flower in your hair. When you walk outside on a spring day and you come across some pretty flowers, pick them up place in your hair, your shirt pocket or your sketch book and see if it brings added happiness to your day.



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11 years ago

My little sister has very long dark hair, and she loves wearing flowers in her hair! :)

11 years ago

Jemma, I wish FP would address those of us who gave up wearing long tresses, and love our short, cropped hair! Historically, the Bohos of the 1900’s gave up wearing long hair as a demonstration to their freedom. xx

11 years ago

Love this! If you could do a post on curly hair…I grew my hair out from a pixie cut over the last two years and my hair is super duper curly and would love to see a FP girl style her curly locks…I know FP Angelina has hair similar to mine…please :)

11 years ago
11 years ago

love romantic vibes!!xxxx

11 years ago

cant wait to do this ! xx