Layering With Mixed Prints

We are huge layering fans here at Free People, and it’s rare that I go a day without having some sort of layered component in what I’m wearing. A while back we posted about how to create the ultimate layered outfit, and got some requests for more, so today I wanted to create a slightly simpler outfit in terms of layers — but one with mixed prints. Mixing prints is an awesome way to create an interesting outfit that is exciting to wear and to look at. There are no real rules when it comes to mixing prints. Personally, I either try to pick prints that have a similar color scheme or prints that vary greatly in size and composition so that they don’t overpower one another. Here’s a little something I put together today:

I started wtih the Printed Pull On Mini Skirt because I’m in love with the color scheme and the fact that it’s made up of multiple strips of different prints! When it comes to layering, it’s always best to start with your bottoms, whether it be a pair of shorts, a skirt, or pants.

Green Printed Skirt

Next I added the Eye For Detail Top. I’m obsessed with the gorgeous floral embroidery, the crochet detail, and (perhaps most of all) the button-down back! Since the embroidery only takes up a small portion of the top, it works well with the busy skirt.

Floral Embroidered Top

I unbuttoned some of the back buttons to give the top a looser fit. I wanted it to flow into the skirt, making the two look like a natural pair.

Button Back Top with Bottom Buttons Open

I added the Hooded Poncho, which is the most lightweight poncho I have ever worn. This is a spring essential! I chose this poncho because its coloring is similar to the top, so it blended right in.

Mixed Print Layered Outfit

I finished the look with a fedora, some fun rings, and one simple necklace: the Seasonal Moon Necklace (one of my favorites). I thought it’d be cool to add a bunch of rings for added interest, but wanted to keep the neck simple so that nothing would take away from the embroidery of the top.

Mixed Print Layered Outfit

Bohemian Rings and Moon Necklace

More fashion inspiration on the Bldg 25 Blog.

Photos by Julia.

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you are my style inspiration. always so beautiful!


I love your layering posts! I love layering and feel underdressed if I’m not wearing like ten garments and twenty pieces of jewelry. As summer approaches, could you do a post about how to layer for summer? I find it’s so much harder to layer when it’s hot out, but I still want to create an interesting and textured look. Thanks!