Love Letters: Telling Time

I got some really cool questions for Love Letters this week. These are topics I haven’t thought of in awhile, but I think they are really relevant and I am happy to speak to them. If you have a dating question in mind, email us at


Q: Is there such a thing as spending “too much” time with someone in the beginning of a relationship?

A: Yes, I think so, but mainly because you used the phrase “too much” in your question. If it seems that way to you, that’s worth exploring. Most relationships settle into a sense of normalness after awhile, but they are still exciting and the people in them aren’t bored. If things start out too intense in the beginning, that could lead to burn out or problems later on. It’s not necessarily the healthiest way to start something long-term. However, I wouldn’t stress about it too much, it’s nice that you found someone you want to spend lots of time with!


Q: My friend keeps trying (relentlessly) to fix me up on a blind date. The idea of a blind date makes me nervous. Help!

A: I think you’re coming at this from the wrong angle. If you view this as an opportunity to make a┬ánew friend (which by the way that’s actually what this is), then anything romantic that develops will simply be a bonus. People who fix others up usually have this dreamy, hopeful mentality, and they can be really let down if their friends don’t hit it off. If you let your friend know that you’re happy to meet a new friend, but don’t really expect anything romantic, you’ve managed her expectations and everyone can just relax a little bit.


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