March Seasonal Shopping List

With spring not yet in the air (but certainly in our hearts), we’re very excited to see what the month of March will bring. Below, read up on in-season produce, and see what recipes you can dream up with the fruits and veggies that are best right now.

by Kelsi Windmiller

Spring officially begins this month, and I am very exited for the produce it will bring along with it. It is also the start of California avocado season. Be on the lookout for ripe avocados at a lower price, perfect timing for some guacamole. Berries are looking more and more delicious as the weather warms up, and they will pair nicely with the newly in season rhubarb. Try to add collard greens into the mix this month. Blend them into smoothies or roast them up, just like kale. Have fun at your local markets this month!








Collard Greens


Star Fruit




  1. And y’all, wanted to make sure you know its very important to buy your strawberries organic (only). Those who pick the inorganic strawberries, typically have to wear hazmat suits because of all the chemicals that are put them. Please stay healthy. These are the type of little things that could really help ensure you have a long, healthy life and keep cancer at bay. <3 Kelli

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