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It’s still chilly here but I don’t care, my mind has turned fully to spring. And with spring comes a desire to listen to music that is happy, bright, and upbeat. Music to listen to with the windows down, while dancing barefoot, or running through a field of flowers. The new album from Youth Lagoon is out today and luckily it falls nicely in this category.  I loved the last Youth Lagoon album and I’m excited that the new one is not a huge step away from the last, but still a marked change. Whereas The Year of Hibernation very much sounded like it was meant to be listened to in a dark, quiet, room, Wondrous Bughouse is more atmospheric and spacey, as if it’s beckoning you to go outside and explore. And, listening to it makes me want to do just that. The songs on this album are longer and allow you to lose yourself in them, sinking even deeper into an alternate reality of flowery meadows and fuzzy rays of light. This album will surely translate well into live shows and I can’t wait to see them at many festivals this summer!


Another band that always seems to scream Spring and Summer is Beach Fossils.  Their latest album Clash The Truth is yet another collection of shimmery, easy-on-the-ears tunes that sound like they were made for lazy beach days, backyard barbecues and relaxing in the sun. This album seems to have a little bit more of a punk edge than their prior albums but mixed in are some dreamy gems like “Sleep Apnea” and “Taking Off.”


Lastly, we still have a few weeks to go before we can hear the new Phoenix album but for now we’re loving their new tune “Entertainment.” It’s a different sound from them but it’s definitely upbeat! I have a feeling this one will get the crowd going at Coachella.

What new music are you guys listening to right now? We’d love to hear!


  1. you guys have to check out canon logic…a band born in philly and now residing in brooklyn. new album wyld is to die for

  2. well, i can’t tell which one was the first one but The fall from Rhye looks like alot to La ritournelle of Sébastien Tellier! At least the first seconds… Plagia?…

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