New Pet Project Cuteness!

We have some new items in our Pet Project shop that are killing me with their cuteness! In case the dogs were jealous of our cat teepees, we now have teepees for dogs, and some ponchos that are actually making me jealous of the dogs. We jumped at the chance to try out the dog ponchos and teepees with some of our home office pups!

Above, Poppy was liking the poncho a lot as a blanket under her teepee!

dog teepee

dog teepee

dog poncho

Milo looks so handsome in the Ocotillo Poncho!

dog poncho

Don’t worry, it comes in size small, too!

Shop FP Pet Project.

Photos by Brigette & Julia.

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10 years ago

these are too much – love them…I can imagine my Yorkie wearing one…lol

10 years ago

Oh my gosh what kind of dog is Poppy? SO adorable.

10 years ago

What size is Milo wearing?

10 years ago

What kind of dog is Milo?

10 years ago

So cute! What kind of dog is Poppy?

10 years ago

AWE! so cute! these pups needs some feathassss!!!

10 years ago

Oooh I am so in love with the little blue eyed puppy!

9 years ago

Just saw this post! Thanks for the write up and the cutest office dog pics!! Love it <3

7 years ago

stephanie, Milo is a soft coated wheaten terrier! Best dogs ever!
I cannot wait to make one for mine!

5 years ago


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