Recipe: Spring Cleanse Smoothie

It is officially spring, and this year I am all about cleansing everything – my wardrobe, my home, and my body. I love coming up with my own smoothie concoctions and decided that it was the perfect time for a spring cleanse smoothie! Every year when warm weather comes around I start to crave cucumbers.  I put them in my water all summer long and it is the most refreshing drink! Cucumbers are known for being one of the most healthy things you can put in your body – they are incredibly hydrating, great for your skin and hair, and packed with vitamins. I liked the sound of combining cucumbers with pear, one of my personal favorite fruits. Pears are high in fiber and also contain a wealth of nutrients, plus their juicy sweetness acts as a natural sweetener for this smoothie. The final ingredient? Kale, of course! We all know how good kale is for you, but sometimes you just don’t want to eat it.  Throw some in this smoothie and you won’t even taste it! Read on for a delicious spring cleanse smoothie recipe, and if you have a smoothie recipe of your own please share in the comments!

spring cleanse smoothie

Spring Cleanse Smoothie with Cucumber, Pear and Kale

Makes 1 smoothie

1 pear, sliced

1/2 cucumber, sliced

1 cup kale

1/2 cup water

Sprig of mint to garnish (optional)

spring cleanse smoothie

Slice up the pear and cucumber, and add all ingredients to a blender.

spring cleanse smoothie

Blend until smooth, pour into a glass and serve!

spring cleanse smoothie

Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and a slice of cucumber :).

spring cleanse smoothie

I had this for lunch today and it was delicious and filling – and my body is thanking me for it!

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Photos by Julia.


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10 years ago

WOW this looks great will have to try..

10 years ago

mmmm delish cant wait to try this.


10 years ago

This smoothie looks fantastic! I normally have green smoothies with spinach and fruit but the cucumber, pear and kale medley look like an awesome alternative.

10 years ago

This looks and sounds amazing! I just did my first juicing detox and it was a great experience! Kale, pear, and cucumber combine for a tasty juice!

10 years ago

I bought kale for the first time last night specifically to try this smoothie this morning. So glad I did!

The base recipe is good, but I wanted a little more flavor and made a couple of modifications:

-I added juice from half of a lime.
-I used two sprigs of mint IN the smoothie (leaves only). It was enough for the flavor to be subtle, but I really like fresh mint and would probably add even more next time.
-I added one tablespoon of honey. I think my pear was not ripe enough because I needed a bit more sweetness.

Anyway, it was fantastic! I will definitely be coming back to this again and again!

10 years ago

I’m not into Kale but I’ll trust you on this and give this a try. I’ll get back to you. :-)

10 years ago

I also tried this smooth too. Like Liljana, I think my pear wasn’t ripe enough either. I added a banana a bit more water, and the mint to mine. I also added 1 tsp flaxseed oil, 2 Tbs Brown Rice Protein, and 1 tsp Spirulina. Mine was ok. I like your modifications better. I think I’ll try that tomorrow and keep the flaxseed, brown rice protein and Spirulina.

Might be good to substitute the pear for a peach also. By the way, I couldn’t taste the Kale.

10 years ago

I live in a small town and my store doesnt sale kale. Where can i find some?

10 years ago

Just like Liljana, this was also my first time buying kale. I’ve never had kale at all, so I was pretty excited about giving this smoothie a try. I’m drinking it as I type, and WOW! I stuck to the basic recipe, except I didn’t use mint and added ice to my smoothie and It’s so refreshing! I feel that this is going to be a regular in my book :) Everyone should try it!

10 years ago

Can u use apple instead of pear?

10 years ago

Spring is here can you plant kale? I like so many have not tried kale. ?can it be added to mixed greens in a salad

10 years ago

Coconut water is a tasty alternative to just plain water for this recipe!

10 years ago

this is a great recipe and the photography is amazing, very elegant. Here’s a smoothie recipe i have for mangoes, its all natural with no sugar too.

I think i’ll follow your recipe exactly, and make this for myself after my workout! Great idea! loved it.

– The Style People

10 years ago

I LOVE this! I just made it with the mint in it as well. I also added juice of half of a lime because I love lime. I was Googling ideas for virgin mojitos and somehow came across this. I will add a bit more water (or ice cubes instead) next time and more mint!

10 years ago

I am so happy i came across the food blog, newly vegan because of gluten and wheat allergies and I find your recipes easy and delicious…

9 years ago

My mom started this and she says she feels much healthier & energized. Love super green juice recipe and always looking for new ones to try. Thanks for the post