Sandal Season Is Near!

It is officially spring, but as I type this post, I won’t lie…it is snowing in Philadelphia. However, sandal season is just around the corner (or maybe already here for some of you!) and I for one can’t wait to put away my shoes and socks. I am a sandal person one hundred percent – it’s as close as I can get to being barefoot while still being able to go out in public :). I tend to beat up my sandals a bit – music festivals definitely help with that – so I find myself buying a new pair each year. So even though it’s still cold here we couldn’t resist trying on some pairs. We love styling sandals with other accessories like toe rings and temporary tattoos! It’s such a fun way to get your feet looking cute for festival season :). Which of these pairs of sandals is your favorite?

Above, the Pacific Sandal is a shorter version of the Romana Fest Sandal! I love how they look with the feather Double Sketch Tattoo.

tribal patterned sandals

The Vineyard Woven Sandal has such a great tribal print that looks pretty awesome next to the Out Of Africa Bag.

free people sandals

The Austin Sandal has a cool vintage look and would be so comfortable for festivals! Pair with the Liberty Backpack and you’re set.

free people sandals

The Crowe Distressed Sandal is part of our own FP Collection and the leather has a great worn quality that we love – perfect for sunny day bike rides!

free people sandals

Lastly I love the hard edge of the Isabella Sandal and how it looks paired with the Sabkha Fan Ring (worn as a toe ring).

Which pair of sandals do you like best? Check out our full selection here.

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7 years ago

Lovethe woven sandals!
Time for a pedi!

7 years ago

The sandals that are the most comfortable to stand and walk around in all day are the ones to go with!

7 years ago

Now I want some temporary tats!

7 years ago

You guys should sell temporary tattoos!! Please?????


7 years ago
7 years ago

Finally warm enough here in New York. Love wearing my flip-flops, t-strap sandals and high heel sandals all summer long. Sandal Season for me is from mid April to mid to late October. For winter I am stuck wearing my sneakers everywhere. For me as soon as its 45F I am ready for open toe shoes. I don’t care about winter boot/ugg fashion. My shoe closet consists of mostly sneakers, flip-flops, T-Strap Sandals and mid to high heel sandals. I have only one pair closed toe heel (confining) and one pair of high heel boots for special occasions in winter like for New Years or wedding. I have been getting my feet sandal ready since right after St Patrick’s Day.