Scenes From The Office

With FP Julia in Austin for SXSW this week, FP Brigette and I spent some time capturing scenes from the office. Our space is filled with creative, inspiring people (and their pets!) and it’s so fun to leave our desks and explore what people are creating. Read on to find out what we were up to at the office this week.

Photos by FP Brigette

black-and-white-dog  girl-hanging-decorationsprinted-clothes-on-rackflowers-hangingfloral-pillows


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10 years ago

DIY on the pom pom garland? :) looks like my dream office! lol

10 years ago

haha love the last picture.

10 years ago

Such a cute pup!
I love pom poms ^^

10 years ago

So cool! I love these sneak peeks… I’d LOVE to work in those surroundings!

10 years ago

the pom poms are so cute!! :) request for a DIY like megan <3

10 years ago

Scenes from the office are my one of my favorite posts !

10 years ago

<3 :)
really cute…
-Burcu from Istanbul