The Seasonal Moon Necklace

Our new Seasonal Moon Necklaces have a mini moon charm and a semi precious birthstone that corresponds to each month, the art work on each of the necklaces is different, too. They are great pendants that hang delicately around your neck. You can team them with absolutely anything and they will add elegance to your  look. I think they make perfect gifts for birthdays as they have that semi precious birthstone on them.

My birthday is in November and I found out through these necklaces that November is the month of the frost moon. Which moon are you?

moon necklaces

moon necklaces

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  1. i used to love this blog , it used to be inspiring…. now it seems so big business and all for your brand .. sorry to say but it seems you sold out on this level

  2. you even got rid of the blogroll links to other blogs // most of them were clearly your employees anyway .. but their blogs were at least inspiring

  3. About the post, (duh, people)
    I love the new moon necklace! I think it is great that Free People did something this creative!
    Diamond lil–the blogroll links are there, and of course they are going to include the new products on their blog…it is after all Free People’s blog…
    Thank you, Jemma, for including these awesome photographs! I like being able to see the jewelry in more photos than just the photographs on the store site.
    Love it!

  4. how can a blog for a specific brand, sell out by posting about new product? do you realize what free people is?? uhm… if you just want inspiration pictures, head to tumblr.

  5. Omg, I’m a jewellery maker and I certainly post my jewellery on my blog every now and then :0) most ppl who follow me came there because of my jewellery/tutorials…

  6. I love these necklaces!
    You said you were born in Nov so you have the Nov birthstone and a “frost moon” – does that mean each month’s artwork is also its moon symbol? I would love to see another blog post about these and what they mean!

  7. @ Amy- I was curious about my month too. The shopping site does have some previously answered questions that tell you what other months are. Mine is Dec- the Winter moon. I would like to know more about where these symbols came from and their meanings too.

  8. I have wanted to get my moon on a necklace like these but I can’t find anywhere online where I can get one. Help me out please?

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