Shop-able Street Style: Glam Overalls

This week’s Shop-able Street Style is another look from London Fashion Week. You can always count on London to sophisticate any look, even overalls. We love how this look comes across as effortlessly chic. Overalls can actually be dressed up, all you have to do is team them with the right accessories.

A pair of heels, a statement necklace, a cool hat, and a clutch and you’ve turned a casual item of clothing into something a bit more extra special. Below we show you how to get the look.

I like to wear over-sized, comfortable clothing, but make a statement with standout accessories. My necklace is from my own jewelry line – Maddy Moxham Coat is from H&M with a feather stole from M&S. The rest is from Zara.

~Maddy Moxham

shopable street style london

shopable street style london

shopable street style london

Vintage Flint Indigo Overalls, Antalya Coin Collar Necklace , Fairfax Heel , Lace Baseball Cap , Vintage Clear Glitter Clutch

Photo Credit: Kylie Martin

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11 years ago

love the look – her necklace is awesome!

11 years ago

Obsessed with that necklace!!!
Super cute!

11 years ago

This looks terrible. Nothing about overalls is ‘glam.’ Yes, even in London.

10 years ago

love the shoes……..where can i get them??