Shop-able Street Style From LA

This weeks shop-able street style comes from LA. A retro-cool look that’s quirky and fun, we love so much about Elena’s look. We love that she’s has teamed a vintage dress with a more structured blazer, and accessories that look like they have just popped out of the 50’s. White knee-high socks worn with brogues, a royal navy clutch, and small bow hair clip. Every little detail of this look is considered down to the delicate necklace that hangs around her neck. Her style is refreshing a retro way. Here, we show you how to get the look!

Photo credit: Alkistis Tsitouri of Street Geist


shopable street style LA

shopable street style LA


Vintage Denim Jacket , Tidewater Tote, Volie and Lace Trapeze Slip , Grant Oxford , Fiddler Tall Sock

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11 years ago

I love her bangs. I think my hair is too curly to attempt that.

11 years ago

I love those socks, I’ve been searching for some like them for quite some time.
& her little bow is cute :)

11 years ago

Uhhhhhh a definite no, the dress looks frumpy. The only person I’ve seen that can get away with the short bangs, and cat-eye eyeliner was Audrey Hepburn. HOWEVER I do like what FP put together to GET the look

11 years ago

Atrocious! (Your look is better).

11 years ago


11 years ago

@Bonnie and Girltraubel- I had the opposite reaction. The girl in the photo has authentic style. No one wearing the FP suggestions is going to turn heads or get complements- I didn’t follow the links but it looks like Kmart to me. The whole concept behind “shoppable” street style is questionable at best. Instead of going to consignment shops and trying to come up with a unique look here is a link buy mass produced stuff from our corporate sponsors.

11 years ago

@Vivi, To say that FP clothes look like Kmart to you…Well, that’s a little too cool for school for me. $400 purses look like Kmart stuff? I envy your financial fantasy land.

11 years ago

Cute Pics, So Gorgeous . Well Maintained . No More Words To Say. Good