Style File: Our LA Designer

While I was in LA, I had the opportunity to visit one of our designers that used to design for FP Beach and now purely creates a collection from LA, right out of her Echo Park home. It goes without saying that her style oozes the laid back, cool LA vibe, but it has a twist…  leaving you curious for more. There’s always a story behind each piece of clothing she owns, you just know there’s something unique about what she is wearing. I walked into her closet space with her, the bright LA sun glowing through her window. “I love LOVE rail stripes right now” and then she throws down her favorite pieces on her bed for me to get a feeling for her fixation. She’s the type of girl that gets drawn to clothes more if they have history or a unique aesthetic  detail behind them, not so much a designer name. She’s a passionate soul, a beautiful person intrigued by everything around her. A couple of hours in her company and you feel like you’ve drifted into another world that’s carefree, carefully executed, and cool. Here we show you her style, enjoy!

 These railroad pants and the Chinese kid shirt are my LA staples, I never carry a purse so that outfit is like a carry all. The railroad overalls I literally saw on a walk home one day and I was really confused, they were in a pile on the sidewalk. Walking around in LA always gets you magical finds, since everyone drives. So I took the overalls home, threw them in the wash and for some reason they fit me perfectly. Sometimes I think that’s a sign from the universe that your on the right path, when perfectly fit railroad overalls are on the ground waiting for you.

style file

style file

style file

This vintage silk burnout bedroom coverup, it’s kind of a sexy top but what I like about it is that its a wrap top! sometimes I’m too lazy to pull something over my head.

style file

This Utility Cape is really special, I manifested this I think. I was with Gianna and in the morning I told her, man I want a cape, but not a poncho, a cape with big pockets for keys and phones and a shoulder dart so its really lady like and slits in the front and not on the sides. We went to Flounce the vintage store and she saw it and told me not to freak out but that I should just buy it because it came from my mind.

style file

style file

style file

This African print dress is definitely something I thrifted and for a second thought about cutting it up to make pillows or bags and then I put the dress on and it didn’t make a lot of sense and then I pulled the sleeves off the shoulder and I was like, OH SEXY.

style file

style file

style file

style file

style file

I am a drawer person and I’ve been here for only but 32 years of my human days.

I went to college at California college of Arts and Crafts and studied Illustration and Print Making

I will always be eating and drawing m’love

My favorite album of all time is Mary J Blige What’s The 411. Right now I’m listening to Wendy Rene, Donnie and Joe Emerson and lots of Dub, Big Youth, Yo La Tengo’s new album

My go to outfit is black jeans, white slick button up and lipstick

To get inspired I live my life and be so glad for all the things

My own self defeat and chocolate chip cookies are my biggest weakness

In my next life I want to come back as a ladybug

Beauty is an aesthetic choice/value

Growing up I was chubby

My favorite book is The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and The Ordinary Princess

The best beauty tip I’ve learned is smiling with your eyes open 

I never go anywhere without my talismans

My sweet friends always put a smile on my face

My word is my most prized possession

Never being worried about tomorrow is what free means to me

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Photos by FP Jemma

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I love her style and the fact that she carries talismans is interesting and unusual.


Chau you are the most beautiful person I have met. Your magical and make me smile, I am happy to have you in my life. Cali lemons and baby jasmine included. Jemma you captured Chau perfectly.

I love your railroad finds…I own a pair of railroad overalls too (recently thrifted) and love them to death. I do need a pair of those railroad jeans though…<3 Everything about her is so pure and special…one of my favorite interviews to date ~ love her style!


This was so lovely. I live right by there–totally know where she is standing in that cape pic! Such a small world. It must be a dream to design for FP but still live in LA!

Her Highness

I absolutely love her style. I also love how beautiful, curvy and exotic she is. I love this site. Please continue to showcase more curvy and non Caucasian women. Maybe even some of us beautiful brown skin ladies. We buy FP too :).


Chau is made of sugar and spice and everything nice! She is beyond beautiful and brings joy to my life. I love me some Chau!!! :)


What a gorgeous woman! Nice to see a woman who’s comfortable with who she is and isn’t stick thin!!


Love everything EXCEPT the overalls lol. I just cannot understand what the trend is. Overalls are horrible on anyone who isn’t a farmer, homeless, or 3 years old. Most of the rest is lovely.


That is so cool she kept the overalls. Whenever I found anything growing up everyone said “Oh it’s dirty don’t touch it.” I found this really cool silver bracelet when I was 5. Everyone was convinced it was a tire rim until I showed them the floral design. I still have it.

What a fabulous feature! Contrats Kris! So awesome to see to see you living the dream. You’ve always had impeccable style and a kind heart, which I admire so. whoo hoo! Tiger pride! Xoxo.

I would love to me her in person!!!! :D

I meant to say MEET her in person!! :D


What a philosophical person. A truly inspiring Style File!


This is beautiful, well written, and inspiring. More of these type of post Free People!


I have to agree with Her Highness, it’s so refreshing to see a curvy, non-Caucasian woman featured on your lovely little blog. Free People gals come in all shades and shapes. With that said, this post is amazing!!!! This style file is truly inspiring and to me it captures what FP is all about. It’s posts like these that keep me coming back for more. Well done FP ladies!

THE CUTEST SMILE and very nice ankles also.


CHAU CHAU! Ladytown. I think she puts a smile on everyones faces
Great post Jemma!


This post made me happy. Thanks fp!


Chau always makes me smile – such an inspiration! And her book choices are the tops!


dream girl


beautiful, chau. girl of everyone’s dreams.


sweet sunshine! lovely article.


Chau; the most wonderful human dream girl

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