My SXSW Journal

Next week I will be heading down to Austin, Texas for the first music festival of the season, SXSW! This will be my second time going to SXSW and I’m excited, because I have an idea of what to expect this year. To prepare for a music festival or trip that I am taking, I always love to make a journal specifically for that trip.  Leading up to the trip or festival, I’ll jot down notes on things I want to do, bands I want to see, set times, and any other information I want to have on hand. I’ll always put my flight information and hotel information in the journal as well – I like to have everything all in one place so that I’m not frantically searching through my bags at the airport.  Then, during my trip I’ll keep little mementos, cards, receipts and paste them in the journal. I like to jot down thoughts that come in and out of my head at any random moment, funny occurrences that I don’t want to forget, really absolutely anything that happens gets recorded. I have done this for several trips in the past, but most notably was a cross country road trip. The resulting “journal” got so thick and full of maps, postcards and mementos that it became more of a binder.  I look through it every once in a while and the memories come flooding back…it’s one of my most treasured items. If you are going to a festival this summer or taking an exciting trip, you should make a journal too! If you do, send us photos – we’d love to see it :). Here’s some inspiration from my SXSW journal, and stay tuned next week for a post on what to pack for SXSW and what bands we’re most excited to see!

sxsw travel journal

sxsw travel journal

sxsw travel journal

sxsw travel journal

sxsw travel journal

Who is going to SXSW? Maybe I’ll see you there!

More creative inspiration from the BLDG 25 Blog.

Photos by Julia.

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Have fun @ SXSW, Julia!
I can’t wait to read your posts about it.
Safe travels :)

I live in Austin. It’s the absolute best. Enjoy!! See you around. :)

I’ll be there too! You must add Buffalo Exchange to your shopping list – very hip consignment store!

What a awesome idea for a journal! I’m from Austin, so maybe I’ll be seeing you around! Don’t forget to eat some delicious tacos from the infamous Torchy’s Tacos :)


You should check out this all day, unofficial South By party at Charm School Vintage:
It’s a really cool little vintage store housed under the same building as a wig shop and salon, just east of downtown Austin. Happy SXSW!


This is an absolutely fabulous idea, I’m going to start doing this for my trips! Have a great time at SXSW!


Love that you’re going to Austin! I live here! I’d suggest checking out Maya Star on South Congress for shopping, and Lucy’s Fried Chicken (Casual), Sway (dress cute), and Torchy’s Tacos (Casual) for food! Have a great time!


This is such a good idea! Im going to Free Press Summer Fest in june and this would be perfect to bring along!


I bet you would really love laced with romance vintage store on south 1st, super close to south congress. Hope you enjoy Austin as much as we love living here


You have to see Funeral Suits, amazing irish band! Oh and enjoy every second! LOVE!


Also there is an awesome vintage clothing and wig store in the east side called Coco Coquette. Their wigs are costume quality. For instance really fancy blond Marie Antoinette wigs with glittery ships embedded in them and died pink tips. Stuff like that!


If you get a chance go to Trudy’s! Best food and Mexican martinis! I’ll be at Lissie! And you gotta check out Caveman at the UO backlot sesh on Saturday! See you there!
Jessi- FP Dallas


:) enjoy your SX adventure! hopefully,the weather will perk up here. surely, it will. wildflowers are coming out…which is the perfect time to be in the ATX. but,as a native Texan, i have to advise you to skip the Torchy’s Tacos! just don’t. they’re greasy, fried-up, abominations of something that Texans AND Mexicans know very well…tacos. we love them. we know how to do them well. and that chain just bastardizes them. there are a million and one beautiful little spots to eat (if you really crave a clean,flavorful, “proper” taco , hit up a taqueria. La Michoacana is not… Read more »

This is such a great idea!! I’m going to Florida this June with my younger sister, we are going to see my brother and his wife…I am definitely going to get a journal just for that trip!! We will be driving to Navarre, FL from Winfield, KS and staying there for 5 days :)

You should definitely check out the Muscle Shoals, AL showcase! I’m not sure the exact location but my best friends, the gnarly charlies and scm electrix, are performing. It’s more of modern 70’s rock that any fb girl could enjoy!


Emma Louise is absolutely darling live. I’m an Australian and lucky enough to be from the same home town as Emma.. You will love her!


I’ll be there :)))


I’ll be with Alyx Williams, she’ll be preforming there. If you get a chance, check her out and come meet up with us! Much love xoxo