Beauty DIY: Turquoise Stone Nail Art

We’re always on the lookout for cool nail art ideas and this may be our newest favorite! FP Shani mastered the technique to get beautiful turquoise nail art that looks just like the real stones.  Add in a touch of gold for some shine and you have some seriously cool nail art for the upcoming festival season! The process may seem complicated but it’s actually really easy to do. It is however a little messy, fair warning.

turquoise stone nails

What you need: nail polish remover, a spray bottle, a small cup of water, scotch tape, and turquoise, black and gold nail polish. Keep some paper towels handy, too.  This trick will work best with new nail polish that is nice and runny – old, semi-dried nail polish will not work as well. Start by painting your nails with the turquoise base coat, and let it dry completely.

turquoise stone nails

Mix equal parts water and nail polish remover in the spray bottle, and shake it well. Before you move on to the next step, make sure your nails are ready.  Cover your finger tips with scotch tape, leaving only the nail uncovered.

turquoise stone nails

Take your gold and black nail polish and drop a few drops of each into the cup of water. Try to do this quickly so the drops stick together and stay at the top of the cup, as opposed to sinking to the bottom.

turquoise stone nails

Take your spray bottle of water and nail polish remover and spray into the cup of water a few times. This breaks up the polish and gives it a marbled appearance.

turquoise stone nails

Dip your nail into the cup so that the polish applies itself to your nail.  If you put enough polish in the cup, you can dip two fingers at a time.

turquoise stone nails

Peel away the scotch tape to reveal your turquoise stone nails! Repeat this process on each finger.

turquoise stone nails

In between nails, use a Q-tip to remove the leftover polish from the top of the cup.


And there you have it, beautiful turquoise stone nails! Paint with a top coat of clear polish so they last longer :).

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Photos by Julia.

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Very cool!


Love this idea!

Adorable and super trendy! Love the idea, I’ll be trying this soon.



Very nice! I love it. Thanks for sharing it!


love this!!! turquoise stones are my favorite! btw you can also put vaseline around your nail and on your finger instead of scotch tape. it takes a little more effort to clean up but its a lot easier to apply

This is a beautiful tutorial! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together and share it! My fans will love this one!
~Ana from

So pretty :)

This is a great idea and looks really cool too.

Hi fp julia
Nice one. I am going to try this. I love nail art. I am always on the lookout for cool nail art ideas. Thank you so much to provide me info of this type of nail art.


I wish there was a close-up picture!


Hi! I love this idea! It is so pretty. Thanks for blogging!