Festival Hair Tutorial: The Coachella Crown

Spring is just around the corner and festival season is about to start.  We here at Free People are already thinking about festival fashion and the perfect hairstyle to go with our looks. We got inspired but the colorful, braided hairstyles in our March catalog and decided to create our very own festival crown. Our latest video features a cool hair idea for festival season combining colored dye and braids that we’re calling the Coachella Crown. You can even wear it on day two (or three!) of your favorite music festival. Enjoy!

A special thanks to The Parlour Salon


  1. I loved how they really showed the nitty gritty details of what it’s like when you’re doing your hair in this video. It’s usually too vague, but this time you can see they too have to struggle to find that perfect spot to hide a pin, re-work a style, etc. Thanks, great tutorial!

  2. Wow! So pretty!! Are you guys going to post make up tutorial videos with the make up artists and the FP models anymore? I haven’t seen one posted in a long time!

  3. Gorgeous braids! Love the colour, as someone that dyes their hair crazy colours themselves. I love her makeup, too. :)

  4. it was a song our friend adam wrote specifically for the video! glad you all like it so much! <3

  5. Good tutorial! I never would have thought of this. Should a gel be used to keep the hair style in place? Summer humidity does cause some frizzing.

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