How Our Bloggers Wear Everyone’s Favorite Essential

I think it goes without saying that a tee is an essential item when it comes to your wardrobe. They go with absolutely anything and it’s that number one item that you can count on. Whether it’s basic, stripey, decorative, or vintage you can create that relaxed, effortless look that’s refreshing without even trying. Each one of us has a different way we like to wear a tee. Whenever I go on vacation this item is the first thing I pack. I like to wear them while I’m traveling, with my bikini bottoms on the beach, with my bohemian skirts and also with my denim cutoffs, however my all time favorite tee look is with a skirt, cool biker boots and a simple satchel and accessories.

Below FP Julia and Brigette tell how they too like to wear their tee.

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FP Julia

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FP Brigette

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11 years ago

What program do you guys use to make your collages? I love them!

fp shani
11 years ago

Hi Erin, we use Photoshop. :)

11 years ago

Hey fp! Thanks for these tips :-) … hey what can we look forward to in the upcoming catalog? Any hints? Where
Was it shot!!? :-) can’t wait! Always so inspiring :-)

11 years ago

Hey fp
I was just wondering what the name of the bag is in the collage, and if its available at fp?
Lmk thanks