Color Psychology: The Meaning Of White

I have always felt a strong connection to the color white. I incorporate as many shades of this pure color into my home décor and personal style as I possibly can. When I first caught wind of The White Shop on our site, I almost felt a wave of calm come over me. White makes me feel at home. I wanted to find out just why it is that I’m so attached to this color, so I did a bit of research on the meaning of white.

White is the color of purity and clarity. Although the hue is crisp and clean, it actually represents the presence of every color in the spectrum; wholeness and completion. It symbolizes innocence and naiveté, setting the tone for a fresh start; a new beginning. It’s the perfect color for spring, as spring is a time when new life comes to be.

Those who favor white are often confident and self-sufficient with a positive, optimistic mindset. If you feel a connection to white, it may be due to the peace of mind it brings about. I always feel that my mind is buzzing nonstop, so I think that I subconsciously surround myself with as much white as I can in order to calm my soul. In all honesty, I really feel that it works. The next time you find that your mind is pulling you in a million different directions, take a deep breath and surround yourself with white.








Some of my white favorites. Above: Cutwork Drawstring TunicPieced Geo Viscose Voile Slip, Phoenix Sweater Tunic

Do you feel an attachment to a specific color? We’d love to know!

Photos by Brigette and Kristina.

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That makes total sense. There’s a meditation I do where you focus on a blank white piece of paper and try to forget everything else and just go back to the clean white paper everytime your mind starts to stray.
I’ve got a lot of black accented pieces in my house, I could probably use some more white.

10 years ago

I like white on lace! And of course it reminds me of a great wedding day.

10 years ago

So funny you posted this article as every spring
I go through a white obsession. This year however,
I’m also addicted to green! Emerald, sap &
army greens in particular. Any wisdom on that?

10 years ago

Not to mention, white looks amazing when you have red hair…
I would know :) I love white, too! Thanks for the interesting post!

10 years ago

I have gotten really into running over the last two years, something that someone told me once that was to focus my breathing and not to get over worked while running was to focus on “white paper” are any form of White. It worked it calms me down while running and my breathing becomes very steady!

great post, love your posts brigette!

10 years ago
Reply to  FP_April

That’s so interesting April! I’m going to try it :)

10 years ago

I agree…White light into a prism = rainbow…I’ve had a long love affair with white, also black, and shades of gray and the occasional pop of color!

10 years ago

+1 bonnie….i love white and black with occasional pop of colors…i always try to do that in my dressing n my sorrondings as well

10 years ago

love this. you can never have too much white!

9 years ago

Is that white muscle cut tank sold at Free People? I love how it displays your shoulders and seems to flow off the torso. Thanks!

9 years ago
9 years ago

White is so lovely, I am glad I came across this post! I find that sleeping with white sheets/ comforter is far more peaceful and relaxing than using bedding with bold or vibrant colors and patterns!