4 Tasty Summer Herbs We Love

I always find this time of year is the perfect time to start growing your own herbs to season your delicious summer meals. I always love having rosemary in my home. The smell is so refreshing and isn’t too strong — the same with thyme. Place a little seed box on your windowsill, plant some seeds and let them grow… it’s economical, entertaining and a great way to spice up your meals.


Thyme is a great addition to bean, egg and vegetable dishes, both fresh and dried.


Basil is great with a wide range of food — I especially love it with tomato and mozzarella. You can also make a great pesto with it too, mixing it with pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and olive oil.


Mint aids digestion and adds a cool taste to salads and desserts. My favorite way to use it is in hot water as a mint tea.


Rosemary is my favorite herb and goes so well with chicken, lamb, pork, salmon and tuna dishes.

Try it! Start growing some herbs this spring/summer.

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7 years ago

The pictures for thyme and rosemary are mixed up just to let you know!

7 years ago

I have been wanting to do this for so long, just afraid they might die. I don’t have a green thumb or a nice little windowsill that the sun shines into all day, that isn’t full of a cat. lol..

7 years ago

I love all of these!
I made a dish with olive oil shrimp and rosemary mixed with pasta. It was so good!