60-Second Stylist: 3 Inspiring Festival Looks

Coachella is kicking off this weekend and to inspire you with some styling, for this week’s 60-second stylist we have created 3 desirable looks that we love for festival season. Our stylist shows you how to create a VIP look that’s reminiscent of the bohemian festival style of Kate Moss, an elegant but fun daydreamer look and then a more rockĀ ‘n’ roll outfit that screams “I’m with the band.” Watch our video and get some festival styling tips for this season!

Look one: Morrison Suede Short, Fondly St. Tropez Tunic, Ezmeralda Belt , Heartworn Boot, Pocohontas Princess Wrap,

Look two: Dress coming soon, Cropped Lace Bra, Lacey Basic Hipster Pantie, bag coming soon, sandals coming soon, Anatalya Coin Collar Necklace

Look three: Boarder Print Bell Bottoms, Asymmetrical Scarf, We The Free Waterfall Graphic Tee, Suede Bohemian Hat , Dreamweaver Crossbody

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11 years ago

I LOVE all three looks Mandy!
Also in love with the sandals in look two ~ will keep on eye out for them <3

11 years ago

Love them all! So cute!

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

11 years ago

can we get mandy’s skin care / make up routine!?!?!?! glow envy!!!! so clean and gorgeous!

11 years ago

In LOVE with the third outfit! So cute, I think I need those pants!

Halfway to Harmony

11 years ago

Wish you had shown Mandy’s entire outfit, as well =P Lovin’ all the layered necklaces on her & the last look on the model.

sweet pea
11 years ago

the third look is SICK! love it…. Love Mandy’s segments, too :) she seems so genuine

11 years ago

Very cool! More is always better, I think! The pants are amazing!

11 years ago

Love how these all look so effortless.

11 years ago

I’m looking for the arm ring everywhere ! so beautiful !

11 years ago

Love the sandals in the second look! I have those exact same bells in my hair wrap!!!! :-)

11 years ago

I am obsessed with all three outfits! –drooling actually! A little Novella Royale, a little Nat B. and a little FP…perfection!

11 years ago

Love the last outfit!! I agree with Byer, Mandy’s skin/natural makeup is gorgeous! Any tips?
Another Audrey*

11 years ago

I love how all your looks are so versatile, timeless and ageless! I feel like I will still be able to wear all my fabulous FP clothes in 10 years (and I am sure I can because of the quality!!!) jen xx

10 years ago

I love love the first look but would love to have each one!!! Great styling! The model is cool looking!! I would love for Mandy to visit my local store and give me style tips! She is awesome and so genuine!

10 years ago

Who is this model?

10 years ago

Lais Navarro is the model :)

10 years ago

Thank you Nina! ~(^_^)~