Bob Dylan Announces Tour With Wilco, My Morning Jacket

I first heard rumblings of Bob Dylan doing a summer tour last week, and today I was overjoyed to hear that it is true – he will be joined by Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Ryan Bingham for a festival of music being called AmericanaramA! The tour will kick off in late June in Florida and work its way up to the Northeast before heading out west for a few dates. Bob Dylan is one of my favorite artists of all time, and I have never seen him live. He is also one of now two older acts I will hopefully get to catch this summer (the other one being the Rolling Stones). The Bob Dylan show in Camden will take place on Sunday, July 28th and will be presented in collaboration with the XPoNential Music Festival, the annual festival hosted by the University of Pennsylvania’s radio station, 88.5 WXPN. Every year they seem to put together a lineup even better than the last, and this year is truly exceptional. View the full lineup here and listen to a playlist below! For the full list of AmericanaramA tour dates click here.

This all has me thinking about music legends and the question of – despite ticket costs, potential travel, and other circumstances – who would be the artist you would overlook all factors and drop everything to go see? Let us know in the comments!

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10 years ago

I’ll be at this tour’s stop at the Merriweather Post Pavilion! I can’t wait!

I would LOVE to see Fleetwood Mac. I finally had the opportunity to see Stevie Nicks last summer and it was everything I could have ever hoped for but I feel like I just need to see her again with Fleetwood Mac. I know they just reunited but I was unfortunately broke when tickets went on sale, so I hope they’ll tour again soon and be joined by Christine McVie! I also absolutely have to see Simon & Garfunkel!

10 years ago

Ahhh! YAY FLORIDA! haha. I saw him years ago in a tiny college auditorium with horrible sound and i’d love to see him again!!!!

@Jessie I love FM aswell!!! I have seen Stevie and am seeing them in June and I hope you find a way too!! I read Christine will be joining them in the UK!

10 years ago

A really cute guy, who I have a huge crush on just asked me to go see Dylan with him! I freaked out a little when he asked me. Hehe. Needless to say, I’m SUPER EXCITED!!!

10 years ago

let me start off by saying bob dylan is by far one of my absolute favorites. i saw dylan in ’05/’06 and was about excited as a person can be! unfortunately i would never go see him again. it was disappointing to say the least. musically it was incredible but his voice is gone. i wish he’d have his son jakob tour and sing for him so you could at least know what song was being played. i suppose i’m glad i can say i saw him live?

i’d drop everything to see neil young, nick cave or tom waits. i’ve seen neil twice and both concerts were amazing! i just saw nick cave last week (i saw him in ’08 and at lollapoolza in the mid 90’s as well) might have been the best show i’ve ever been to. and tom waits…still waiting to see that magic in person! i’d also go see the stones again, they are always great regardless of their age!

10 years ago

my boyfriend just got us tickets to go in irvine, I am so excited! I’ve seen him twice live, and he is quite the magical soul : )

10 years ago

Yes, finally! Thanks for posting this! Love x

10 years ago

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