New Book Club Read: Play It As It Lays

We have a new book club read this week! I’ve recently been reading great reviews about Joan Didion’s novel Play It As It Lays and bought it to start my series of summer reads. There has been much praise about the literary quality of this book. I love descriptive writing more than anything and a book written beautifully kills me every time, so I thought I’d give it a go. Play It As It Lays is about American life in the late 1960’s – it captures the mood of an entire generation, set in a place beyond good and evil – literally in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and the barren wasteland of the Mojave Desert.

I’m going to start reading this book this week, and every week will be writing my thoughts and summary of each chapter here on the blog – we’d love you to read along with us! You can purchase the book on Amazon.

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10 years ago

I love this book but haven’t read it in years. I wonder if I can dig up my copy.

Joan is one of my favorite writers. She doesn’t romanticize the ’60’s at all which I really appreciate.

10 years ago

happy international book day!! yey for this timely post!

10 years ago

i read this a couple years ago. it was very good.

10 years ago

My book club read this earlier this year, and I still find myself thinking about it. The writing is exquisite. Make sure you have a pen or pencil handy because you are going to want to highlight multiple passages. Great pick. I’m sure you’re going to love it.

10 years ago

You should read Gone Girl. it’s addictive!

10 years ago

I bought it to read on my kindle app on my iphone, can’t wait to start reading

10 years ago

Picked up a copy at the library and am reading it now. This is my first foray into Joan Didion’s work. I’m excited :)

10 years ago

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Stephanie Martin
4 years ago

are there discussions for the last 3 chapters? I can’t seem to find them….