British Vogue Is Launching Miss Vogue!

In May British Vogue is launching Miss Vogue, its first ever magazine targeted at a younger audience. The magazine will embody what its older sister does, but it will talk directly to the younger woman who loves to experiment with fashion and beauty.

It will have a fresh and engaging voice and a huge awareness towards creativity and budget for the younger readers. I have always been a fan of Teen Vogue, US Vogue’s younger magazine, and now I can’t wait to see how the British Vogue team do it. The first issue will come double packed with the June edition of Vogue, on stands nationwide May 6th!

miss vogue



  1. miss vogue sounds like its gonna be more classy thatn teen vogue. My little sister gets teen vogue, and it really doesn’t involve style….

  2. I absolutely agree with you Lydia! Teen Vogue is not that great. But I mean it seems like the British always do it better, and that’s coming from an American lol

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