Creating A Desirable Shower Space

Have you ever taken a shower in a beautiful hotel or resort and felt more refreshed and relaxed than you ever thought possible? I remember feeling that way after staying in Costa Rica last year. Although the shower was indoors, I felt like I had just showered in nature, and it was a beautiful thing. Nature has the ability to bring us back to our roots, making us feel calmer, more relaxed, and grounded. Ever since that trip to Costa Rica, I’ve been on a mission to create a shower space that feels like nature, and today I want to share three of my favorite little secrets for doing this.

One of the most important components to making your shower space feel like nature is to remove anything that looks manmade and commercial. Usually this refers to plastic containers with text written on them. Most beauty products (shampoos, conditioners, body washes) have bright labels that catch your eye. In order to let your mind relax, take these out of your shower. Instead, find simple glass containers and empty your products into them. Bonus if you’ve made your own products (like this homemade body scrub)! Containers with pumps work best for more liquidly products like shampoo and body wash, while jars with screw tops work best for thicker substances like body scrub and conditioner.

Glass bottles and towel on wood bench

Glass bottles and jars on blue tile shower floor

This next idea is a recent favorite of mine. All it involves is a bunch of eucalyptus and some twine.

Eucalyptus and Twine

Hang the eucalyptus upside down by tying it to your shower head with twine. When you run your shower, the steam will rise up towards the eucalyptus, filling your bathroom with the most refreshing, relaxing scent. Plus, the added greens are lovely on the eyes. You’ll definitely feel a little closer to nature.

Eucalyptus on shower head with blue tile

The last thing I like to do is scent my towels for a spa-like ending to my shower. I like to place a drop or two of essential oil into a spray bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with water. I then spray a quick mist over my towel before I get into the shower. It’s so nice to be wrapped in a cloud of lavender or lemongrass after taking a relaxing and refreshing shower.

Lace Towel, Eucalyptus, and Perfume Spray Bottle

Those are my little secrets! How do you turn your shower space into a natural haven? Share your tips below!

Glass bottles, towel, and eucalyptus

Photos by Brigette

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8 years ago

these are such great ideas! i am going to try them. thank you :)

8 years ago

Love the eucalyptus idea!!!!

8 years ago

Thanks for writing a post on such a simple, everyday thing that can be turned into a calming, creative, ethereal experience. This post really embodies the spirit of Free People that I love so much!

8 years ago

I did this in my shower a while ago…. I cannot wait to shower now! It’s so soothing and elegant all at the same time and just envelops you. Sometimes I just stand there and meditate for a few seconds and I just feel so revive.

8 years ago

Expensive towels. When I moved in with my fellow, one of the first things he did was go out & buy us both a set of super-fancy plush towels. He spent around eighty dollars a piece on them (and I must admit, I thought he was crazy!) but then, I wrapped myself up in them and discovered a decadent, ultra soft, and uber absorbent luxury I had been missing all my life! A single towel dries me, my long long hair, and is only lightly damp feeling after soaking up all that moisture! It’s impressive, and something I never would have splurged on for myself, but now they are so nice that I’m considering buying them for my best friend! Shel’ll thing it an odd gift…until she uses them….

8 years ago

I am always wishing my bathroom had a relaxing vibe. These are great tips (and easy) to help my transform my not so realxing space.

8 years ago

Thank you for these great ideas. I love the idea of the aroma therapy spray. I can’t wait to try these out.

8 years ago

Glass in the shower? Eek I have a kid, but love the eucalyptus idea!

8 years ago

I’m Australian so my family has been doing the eucalyptus trick for years. It’s also really nice if you add blossoming jasmine vine. However that only works for night showers as jasmine releases it’s fragrance after dusk. Making my own soaps, scrubs & face cosmetics is a beautiful way to naturalize your bathroom. Opening the window during a rain storm. Playing a soundscape of birds is amazing also. Turning off electric lights & using lots of safely placed candles for natural light. Clanking with toxic free bathroom cleaners makes a HUGE difference too. And, taking my time. Wether I shower or bath, I call it spa time my cat comes in & relishes in the steam & I give my body temple time out.

8 years ago

Oh, I love this! So simple and doable, and I think it would totally transform my daily routine. Also loved the comment about getting nice, plush towels.

8 years ago

Where are the glass containers from? I’ve been looking for some like that!


8 years ago

I loved everything about this. Going to keep in mind for my dream shower someday … when I leave this little apartment in Denmark where the shower is the middle of the bathroom floor with a drain in the middle.

Ladaisi Blog
Ladaisi Etsy

8 years ago

beautiful ideas!


8 years ago

Thank you for your inspiring ideas. Where can I find the beautiful lace towels?

8 years ago

@Lucille, what brand of towels are you using? I want in!

8 years ago

Hi – please can you let me know where you purchased the clear bottles used in photos? thanks

8 years ago

I love the idea of hanging the Eucalyptus. I searched for some a while back for this same purpose but didn’t have any luck. So instead I’ve been adding a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to the shower head when I turn it on. It doesn’t have the asthetic appeal that the branches do, but it smells just as good and refreshing!

8 years ago

I love FP. There are always amazing and ideas popping up. I feel more relaxed just looking at this shower. Thank you!

8 years ago

this is so brilliant. there is nothing like getting clean in an outdoor shower, and I think it is so smart that these tips help anyone bring the feel of nature to your own shower! At home (and if the weather is nice) I open my windows and let the breezes roll in!

Camille Bremer
Marketing & Asian Studies, 2015
A. B. Freeman School of Business
Tulane University

8 years ago

i love the idea with the eucalyptus hung upside down!

8 years ago

is this fresh or dried eucalyptus?

Tota Stathopoulou
8 years ago

I’ m sorry, but what is shown in the pictures is definately NOT Eucalyptus!…..

8 years ago

Hi – the color of the tiles in pic 3 and 5 are EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Can someone please help me find out where those are from? Thanks!

8 years ago

I’m getting ready to move into a new house, and the bathroom is so simple and I want it to stay that way. Definitely using these tips!

8 years ago

So nice post. This bathroom blog is wonderful post. Thankyou for you share the post.