DIY: Wool Thread Coasters

Everyone needs coasters in their household to protect the surface of a table when placing down a drink. This week’s DIY shows you how you can make quick and easy coasters that could be great for a gift to friends or just to personalize your home a little. Here’s how to make a weaved thread coaster!

What you need:

A thread needle (one that fits the thickness of wool)

A ball of wool

A piece of cardboard


Thin embroidery thread

Step one: Place the circumference of a cup onto a piece of cardboard, draw the circumference and cut it out. Around the edges make little slits with the scissors about half a cm apart. Using embroidery thread — or any kind of thin thread — start wrapping around the circle, making sure the thread gets caught in the slits.

DIY coaster

Step two: Using the wool and needle, start weaving in and out of the thread horizontally.

DIY coaster

Step three: When the full circle has been weaved, cut the threads at the back.

DIY coaster

Step four: Knot all the loose threads together to secure, and there you have it – your own personalized coaster!

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10 years ago

What a great housewarming gift this would be!
I heart homemade gifts.

10 years ago

they look gorgeous, love the colours.


10 years ago

Woah, this is just a cool idea! I think I’m gonna make some of these for my son and his new wife!

10 years ago

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10 years ago

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7 years ago

These are really cute!! And they look pretty easy to do, too. I think I will make a few of these as gifts – thanks for posting!!

5 years ago

My wife would love these! This is great!