How To Create The Perfect Festival Campsite

With just 6 days left until Coachella, we can’t stop thinking about festival season and the camping setups that come along with it. We’re so excited for a whole collection of festival product that will be available on our site today. FP Jana and I couldn’t wait to take it all outside and create the festival camping setup of our dreams. We hope that you can take some inspiration from the elements you see here and use it to create the setup of your very own dreams the next time you’re at a festival!

Painted feathers

We’re so in love with these painted feathers that FP Julia made last week. We hung them from tree branches and scattered them around the ground.

Festival girl, tambourine

Hanging feathers and tapestries

Flowers, boots, tapestries

Feather crown, tambourine

Tambourines make the perfect festival accessory.

Crochet water canteen

Staying hydrated is key during festivals. This Canvas & Crochet Canteen is right up my alley.

Hanging flowers

Spring hasn’t fully sprung here in Philly, so we hung some flowers to liven up the space.

Festival girl, feather crown

Hanging painted mason jar

These large hand-painted mason jars look so fun hanging in front of a colorful tapestry.

Festival camping setup

The new Alite for FP Domed Tents are perfect for music festivals!

Festival, painted feathers

Festival girl

Last but not least — how incredible is this Handpainted Folding Chair! It’s so easy to take with you anywhere, too.

How are you planning to decorate your festival camping setups this year? We’d love to hear your ideas!

More festival inspiration on BLDG 25!

Photos by Jana and Brigette

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Beautiful! Wish I was able o go. Alas, I’m stuck here at college. Luckily, I’m in New York, but still. Maybe I’ll try to do this the next time my dad forces me to go camping with him!

These are amazing, i love nothing more than setting up camp at festivals and on roadtrips.



This is awesome!
I wonder if my friends would think I’m weird if I did this when we go camping in October. ;)

Love it! These pics make me want to move to, or maybe start, an artists’ commune! haha!


So I have recently fallen in love this site and this company and have supported it, but these photos kinda killed small part of me. I understand that free spirits like the idea feathers in their hair but white women wearing feathered headdresses is offensive to native people. I recently went to a festival and saw many people dressed up and adorning headdresses. But “Native American” contrary to party stores is not a costume and headdresses are not an accessory but actually a spiritual symbol that men, that’s right only men earn the right to wear. I feel that free… Read more »

Man, I love you guys….must be a blast to work for free people. Love your april catalogue guys; you’re always an inspiration.


Thank you for speaking up, Em! Headdresses are sacred and these photos are very offensive to Native Americans. I’m surprised that Free People hasn’t answered your comment but I doubt they will since they are selling the headdress in the picture (for $300)!!!


I agree with the topic of these things being offensive. i, too LOVE free people, but i can get very annoyed with some of the stuff i see on this website sometimes. i honestly believe that they know it’s offensive, but they just don’t care bc they enjoy it for themselves. it’s just a simple matter of respect. i also wish that more diverse women would be shown in their catalogues, pictorials, etc.
love you, free people.


So happy to see discussion of the headdress happening here! I winced when I saw it and started questioning my continued readership of the blog–I know I’d appreciate a FP response explaining their point of view.


I agree with Em, having a Native American man as my life partner there are certain things that are taboo, and only till there is an understanding will it stop, hopefully Free People will be a bit more sensitive, as I do love there most of their style! I too would love an explanation as to where they stand, and if they are willing to discontinue something a segment of our society finds offensive. xx

I was relieved to see the comments. Feathers are one thing, but headdresses are offensive.


I don’t think that FP Is trying to offend anyone. Headdresses are trendy right now, and when it comes down to it FP is a fashion business. Personally, I did not know until reading your comments that a woman wearing a headdress could be offensive. I’m glad that I read what you have to say about it–I would hate to wear something and not know its history and significance and offend someone (and appear ignorant). Sometimes fashion is silly and borrows ideas from other cultures which they know nothing about…thats just the way it goes.


Eeeek. No to the headdress. Agree with previous commentary on it being offensive (also agree feathers are one thing – picking a feather up from the ground and putting it in your hair shouldn’t be ‘culturally owned’ – but headdresses are another) and then one step further, commoditisation of native artefacts is another level of awkward – NO. Just don’t go there. No no no.


No response, eh, Free People?…


It’s funny, how much we hold on for dear life to age old cultures that define us as a people (or peoples). Truth is, we have integrated, we have evolved, and as much as we want to hold on to our roots for what they stood for, those symbols have evolved as well. We live in a different era. There are no longer any specific definitions of culture because we are all bred into one another and very few people can define their roots as being one specific race or culture. I only speak for myself, but I have roots… Read more »


seriously, enough with all of these “politically correct” comments, and let people wear what they want. There are always going to be disparities between cultures and while you all have a right to protest, I also have a right to wear what I want. I dont belittle other cultures for offending my heritage, because sometimes, it cant be helped. I wear headdresses becasuse they are lovely and make me feel like a bohemian princess, and that is what I feel FP is doing in these photos, bringing out a lovely image of the free life. live and let live you… Read more »


Where can you get quilts like that??

Our Native culture is not a TREND!! Educate yourselves. Thanks to those who’ve stepped up and said, “this is not okay.” because it is not. Start by reading my books, articles and website. Knowledge is not hard to get a hold of.


You people need to chill out