Festival DIY Roundup

It’s day 1 of Coachella and we are in full festival spirit. As we enter into the amazing time that is festival season, we wanted to pull together a couple of our favorite festival-related DIYs! Some useful, some purely fun. Enjoy!

DIY Festivalized Shirt

Festival shirt DIY

Any shirt can become a festival favorite – all it takes is some markers and a little bit of thread!

DIY Dry Shampoo

DIY dry shampoo

Showers are oftentimes completely out of the question at festivals. And if you’re out dancing in the sweltering sun all day, chances are your once clean hair might need a little refresher. This dry shampoo is the perfect answer – and you can even take it with you on the plane.

DIY Painted Feathers

DIY painted feathers

Every festival calls for fun accessories, whether they’re for your hair, your bag, or your campsite. We’re obsessed with these painted feathers, and have been finding ourselves using them for all of the above!

DIY Distressed Leather Hat

DIY distressed leather hat

It’s hot and it’s sunny and you know you’re going to need a hat. Do a little DIY distressing before you head to the festival and you’ll know that your hat is one of a kind.

DIY Festival Flag

DIY festival flag

You’re in a gigantic sea of people and you find yourself separated from your people. What should you do? Come prepared with an adorable festival flag. Not only will it help you locate your friends, it’s the perfect tent topper!

DIY Sea Salt Spray

DIY sea salt spray for hair

After you freshen up with the dry shampoo mentioned above, spritz some coconut-smelling sea salt spray into your hair for a whole new look.

DIY American Flag Shorts

DIY American flag shorts

One of my all-time favorites! Take your denim cutoffs up a notch by painting your little heart out.

Did we miss any? Tell us your favorite FP festival DIY below!

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Going to try some of the DIY’s

Oh I think the flag is a great idea! I have a tipee by Zandra Rhodes (kooky English designer) and that flag would go great on top! Check out the tipee, it’s a beaut: http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archive/2010/01/19/zandra-rhodes-funky-teepee.htm

Here’s my UK festival experience: http://worthwakingupfor.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/latitude-attitude.html

Nice DIY!
I really like it. In a few weeks I also start a Festival subject.
Lovely greetings