Festival Hair Inspiration From Drybar

One of the fun things we’ll be doing at our Coachella house this weekend is having Drybar come by to style our hair for the festival! They clearly know a thing or two about hair so we asked them about their favorite festival hairstyles and for some advice for the festival season ahead.

What’s the best blowout to get before heading to a weekend-long music fest?

The mai-tai, of course! Starting out with your hair tousled and loose (illustrated above) will wear well, allowing you to dance, have fun, be care-free. The messy look will effortlessly take you through the weekend.


Any tips for lengthening the life of your blowout?

Detox dry shampoo! Also, when your blowout is on the second or third day, try adding a braid or side twist around the hairline. Grab a 3-day bender and add some curls to spruce up the ends, and you’re set.


What is your favorite festival hairstyle – blowout or otherwise?

A cosmo-tai is perfect for an outdoor festival. Gives just enough curl and wave, ideal but not too polished of a look for the great outdoors.

If you could only give one piece of hair advice before a music festival, what would it be?

Start with really clean hair. Get a blowout right before you set off for the weekend, pack your detox dry shampoo and 100 proof treatment oil.

Quotes courtesy of Alli Webb, Drybar founder.

Illustrations by Kelsi Windmiller.

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  1. What detox dry shampoo would you guys recommend??
    I have been looking for a good for some time now.

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