Festival Hair: A Quick And Easy Style

After day one at a festival your hair becomes a little windswept and unruly, and if you’re camping there’s a slim chance of getting the opportunity to wash it. The best thing to do is to tie it up out of your way. We’ve thought of a cute idea to keep your hair back while still making it look festival savvy: the double braid.

Divide your hair into two parts and simply braid each one and let them fall on top of each other. It’s a fun way to change up the cowgirl braids, and it’s simple and quick. So, if your hair gets a bit wild this festival season, simply double braid it.


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  1. Headed into SoHo tomorrow to reward myself for some essays well done. My hair is impossibly thick, so thick that I absolutely cannot leave it all down and wavy, especially not when I’m in the city. Can’t wait to try this!

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