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Each week, we pull some of our favorite FP Me photos from our new style community. If you’re not  familiar with FP Me, now is the time to check it out! It’s fun once you start seeing all the different ways women are wearing Free People product. We often get some great styling tips from those who upload photos. So, if you find yourself wearing a Free People item one day, find the product on our site and upload a pic of yourself. Every week we will post looks we love. Here are a few favorites from this week, and click on the link below the photos to check out each profile!

Above- dylanasuarez

fp me 4


fp me 2


fp me 5


fp me 5


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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE FP clothes, but they are SOOOOOOOO expensive! You wind up looking like everyone else trying to play hippie/boho dress-up. People who truly lead a natural, bohemian lifestyle can’t afford $100 shirts, rather we thrift shop, up-cycle hand-me-downs, and make our own clothes. FP is my main inspiration for my diy clothes but mine are all one-of-a-kind! Just a thought…

  2. I agree with Rosie. Although the clothes IS woth the expencice price. If you but their clothes at a store thats not by free people, but carry their clothes its at a more reasonable price.

  3. Rosie, I’m with you! Free People is one of my favorite style blogs, but as a freelance photographer-traveler-writer, I can’t afford these pieces. Thank Jah I live in a community (Austin) that has amazing vintage/2nd hand stores. By the way FP, you are officially becoming one of my favorite blogs. Your entire way of life gets me, just not your prices (unfortunately). Love, K

  4. oops.. I totally agree with everyone saying FP is too expensive. I’ve been wearing their stuff since opening day. They used to be totally affordable. Now, they are ridiculously expensive. What’s really out of control is the jewelry! For every 20 pieces of jewelry that cost 150-400 bucks, there’s one piece that’s about 30 bucks- which is still a lot!! And, the quality isn’t great. Also, when the clothes go on sale, it is not even a sale to me. It’s what the item should have been priced originally. Maybe if enough peeps boycott for awhile, they’ll lower the prices.

    I find the FP clothes you can find in stores to be more mainstream. I rarely, rarely see the great boho clothes at Macys or Lord and Taylor or wherever.

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