Style Inspiration: Summer Jewels

Delicate encrusted jewels on your fingers… they catch a glimpse of the sun rays and their sparkle seems to last a thousand minutes. Charmed beauty that makes your days dazzle. There’s something so precious about wearing delicate rings on your fingers. Your hands are transformed.

I always like to to place one or two pretty rings on my fingers instead of layering many. My hands are narrow and long so placing one or two encrusted jewels best suits me. Below are my favorite selections of rings right now for the summer months!


summer jewels.

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11 years ago

I love the wrapped feather ring.. definitely being added to the wishlist! xx

11 years ago

Loving these statement rings.
I am ususally a statement necklace kind a gal, but will haveto throw one of these into the mix!

11 years ago

Gorgeous collection. Love the twisted blue ring.

11 years ago

gah! i love these rings! rings are my favorite type of accessory to shop for, except it’s such a pain! cause i have the thinnest fingers in the world, it’s always impossible to find rings that fit! my size teeters between size 4 and size 5, depending what finger, and size 4 and 5 aren’t common sizes at all! totally wish i could purchase some of these, but all my favorites are size 6 and 7! :(