An Interview With Garance Doré

This week on our homepage we are featuring real women who inspire us, with the work that they do and with their personal style. This amazing group of women includes a musician/philanthropist, fine artist, designer, photographer/furniture designer, and former actress/gallery owner. Throughout this week we will take a closer look at these women who were photographed for Free People by Garance Doré, another woman who greatly inspires us. We asked the artist/photographer/writer some questions about her experiences working with Free People and her personal style.

How was your experience working with Free People on the most recent shoot?

The atmosphere is exactly like the pictures. Light, cool, fun. I loved it.

You also shot Lou Doillon for our October catalog – do you have a favorite moment or photo from that shoot?

The photo of her in the kitchen with her dog. It really went totally viral it’s funny, it pops up on Tumbr and Pinterest all the time.

lou doillon by garance dore for free people

When you are traveling, what essential items do you always like to have with you?

Honestly – my computer and all my equipment, which I call my nomad office, make me feel at home wherever I go. Other than that, sweatpants and easy clothes have the same effect. Not having something cozy to wear when I am back in my hotel room makes me pretty sad…

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Too many places to choose only one! Corsica is my favorite place in the world.  It’s amazingly beautiful. But it’s also where I was born, is that cheating?

What is your go-to outfit? How would you describe your personal style?

I am in a very very simple phase – not too many colors, not too many layers, great jeans, great shirt and I feel good!  I have fun with jackets and light coats. In the summer I love skirts.

garance dore

What elements do you look for when photographing people and their style?

Ease and charm.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out a blog?

Talk about things you really care about, like minded people will come to you.

What is the last book you read?

Business books. I have so much to learn!!!

Describe Free People in three words.

Easy, candid, sexy.

garance dore free people

garance dore free people

Look for the full shoot by Garance online today!

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Is this for the upcoming may catalog??? When does it drop? Can’t wait!! I love garance and the idea of featuring those other great women is really inspiring! When do we get a peak at the may catalog? :-)

What a great collab, I love Garance! She is so quintessentially French x

She’s a beautiful, talented woman with a natural style all her own.

So much talent! Love her!