This Just In: Fur Chalk For Pups!

It’s no secret that we love hair chalk, especially when the warmer months and music festivals roll around. But don’t you sometimes wish your furry friend could match your colorful hair as well? Well, it’s your lucky day! We are so excited to introduce Free People Fur Chalk for Pups! It works just like our hair chalk, and is completely safe for use on your canine companion. What color chalk will you use on your dog?


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  1. hysterical…I have a Yorkie – she is definitely a pink girl…and a cockerspaniel – blonde so would go with blue!

  2. Oh good and what happens when he tries to lick himself and gets that in his mouth? Animal cruelty much?

  3. Can’t believe people are taking this seriously…. Funny! Hair chalk is all the rage and you certainly had me fooled

  4. People sure are making fools of themselves in the comments, getting so worked up over something that was photoshopped.

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