La Dolce Vita, The Sweet Life

The saying “La Dolce Vita” always makes my heart feel a little lighter… it just rolls off the tongue sweetly, like it should. An Italian saying meaning “the sweet life,” a notion to live life to its fullest. Our April catalog evokes this spirit. Carefree and happy, the pages glow with the ability to captivate. Confidence shines throughout, portraying the sweet life.

Now and again I think about the saying “La Dolce Vita” and what exactly a sweet life means to me. To me a sweet life is being loved, loving back, being inspired constantly and living out your passions. Travel… travel so much your head feels like it’s going to explode with too much culture… inspire others, give good advice and take advice, be scared every once in a while and learn from your mistakes. Be happy with yourself and glow from the inside out, making sure each and every day you’re living out the sweet life.

We’d love to know what La Dolce Vita means to you!

La Dolce Vita

Shop our La Dolce Vita catalog.

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I love Free People dearly. But to me, this is the weakest catalog to date. There’s barely enough clothes to satisfy the customer who waits all month for new additions, and the ones available are more so of the same you guys have been putting out lately. This may just be because I’m a Lou so this heavily filled catalog of dresses and paisley colors don’t make my tomboy urges shriek.

I love your description of the phrase “La Dolce Vita.” It was so soothing reading it, and really resonated with me. Thank you.

I love the photos, you couldn’t have said it better. This is definitely “La Dolce Vita” indeed. :)


This post reminds me of another saying that I love “Dolce Far Niente”. It literally translates to “sweet doing nothing” but I always look at it to mean “the sweetness of doing nothing, of being idle.” A few years back my boyfriend and I sailed around the British Virgin Islands for 10 days. We went during hurricane season and it felt like we had the islands to ourselves. Some locals we met said this was the best time because they felt they “got the BVI back” just for a few months. The name of our boat was “Donce Far Niente”… Read more »


how does one get the FP catalogue? Is there a print version that could be sent to me? I’d love to have the physical photos as inspiration! :)


There is a link on the homepage at the bottom to receive the FP Catalogue. But I do believe it’s US Only.
Hope this helps! xoox



Thanks so much!


This is one of my favorite FP catalogues to date! Brigitte Bardot is the most lovely muse for this time of year. I loved her paired with the boats and beachy setting. I want to purchase every single item for my own upcoming beach vaca in Texas!