Why We Love Springtime: Planting Heirloom Seeds

What I love about springtime the most is the transition — when you start to feel the weather getting a little warmer, when you see the first buds appear on the trees and then everything starts to glow and become bright. Things are given a new life. This spring I have decided to decorate my back porch and start to grow herbs and flowers, starting this weekend. I have been researching heirloom seeds and have purchased a couple of packets from The Happy Cat Farm right here in Philly.

The Happy Cat has a great philosophy behind it – the owner Wendell Berry’s grandfather lived his entire life on the rich soils of Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. When his grandfather passed away, his grandmother gave him a jar of beans that turned out to have great historical and cultural importance. A passion was then born and became his craft and lifestyle.

Happy Cat Farm teaches people how to grow and forage their own food sustainably. They have a great variety of seeds that I couldn’t wait to purchase. So this weekend my project is to grow my own mini garden — it’s springtime!


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10 years ago

I really want to grow my own garden, but i’m so afraid I will forget about it and it will die…I really want to plant some herbs and tomatoes!