What We’re Packing For Coachella!

With Coachella just a few days away we can’t stop thinking about what we want to pack! I always find that when I plan out outfits for a festival, I end up not really wanting to wear them. I’ve found it’s sometimes easier to make sure you have certain key pieces, and then some basic items that you can mix and match.  We’ve narrowed down our list to a select few items that are definitely coming with us to Coachella – what are you packing?


The moment I laid eyes on the Stitch In Time Vest I knew it had to come with me to Coachella – with its crochet and fringe, with bits of floral mixed in. It has festival written all over it! The movement when you dance is great, too :). This is the kind of piece you can throw on with any outfit to add an interesting, bohemian element.


I always like to pile on the jewelry at festivals – pictured here: Double Turquoise Lagoon Ring, Sabkha Fan Ring.


A good backpack is a festival must!


Bring along a Henna Set to add some festival body art! Also pictured is the beautiful Eclipse Moon Cuff.


We love statement coin necklaces for festivals! Pictured is the Pewter Short Chain Collar.


The Suede Festival Embroidered Mini is another perfect piece for Coachella – the details on this skirt are so beautiful.


Although I’m always more inclined to wear sandals (or no shoes) at festivals, a good pair of ankle boots should always be in your bag. You never know if you’ll need them! We love the Distressed Collins Boot.


I also always love to bring some fun, brightly colored nail polish!


You can’t go to a festival without sunglasses!


A few other items that we’re bringing along… the Denim Super Flare, FP X Flower Garland Tank, Asymmetrical Scarf, Deep Dyed Sandal, and of course our Temporary Tattoos!

Going to Coachella? What are you packing?


  1. What is the braided item in the last picture? Is it a wrap bracelet or a headband? Is this one of your products?

  2. This year I’m paying serious homage to my belly button.
    I’m packing crop tops galore that range from the crocheted variety to tribal printed bralettes each paired with super sweet shorts and long, flowing, oversized scarves.

    See you there!

  3. Coachella 2013 was in credible! Thank you free people for my awesome outfit!!
    “One Love” ;)

  4. I recognize all the other rings and names, except the silver triangle one with the black oval stone in the center of the ring. Do you know who make that ring? I have some of the others, and want to add more to my collection. :) Thanks!

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