Perfect Picnic Recipes: Croissant Sandwich

The first post in our new series for the month of April, perfect picnic recipes from Kelsi Windmiller! This series was inspired by spring and our love of picnics and spending time outdoors :).

The first recipe in this series is a very simple, but delicious, croissant sandwich. Croissants are plenty tasty on their own, but I like to add some fresh vegetables and herbs to make an amazing sandwich. The flaky, buttery croissants pair well with the crisp cucumber and tomato. The mascarpone spread pulls the whole thing together, and everything is better with a little avocado in the mix! This recipe is best prepared right before you venture out to your favorite park. Make as many as you need for your picnic partners and enjoy this springtime weather!


Perfect Picnic Croissant

Fresh Croissants




Alfalfa Sprouts

Basil Pesto

Mascarpone Cheese

(Vegan Alternative: replace croissant with a wheat wrap, and the mascarpone with vegan cream cheese)

Start by mixing equal parts mascarpone and basil pesto. Set aside. Then cut cucumber, tomato, and avocado into thin slices. To assemble, slice the croissant open along its rounded edge (do not cut all the way through). Spread a spoonful of the pesto mascarpone inside. Then layer the cucumber, tomato, avocado, and alfalfa sprouts. Wrap in parchment paper and tie with string for the perfect picnic sandwich. Find a sunny spot to sit and enjoy!


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This looks so delicious!

This looks absolutely delicious! Definitely going to make it on our next picnic outing! :)

yummy :>>

very yummy indeed!


Love it! I would use greek yogurt with the basil pesto instead of marscapone. It’s a healthier choice, packed with probiotics, and it adds a bit of creamy tanginess along with the sweetness of basil pesto!


I agree with Tamazigh, and also for a vegan alternative, try using fresh collard greens to wrap, and hummus or a homemade spread with beets and cashew butter! Mmmmm.

Looks yummy and healthy! Also love the packaging :)!!

We used to eat these before volleyball games. Def gonna be eating these this summer.

Sounds delicious! Although I’ll be leaving the tomato out of this one. :)


And it looks cute. ;)

Lindsay Butler

LOVE this presentation. I am looking to wrap some chicken salad croissants for a bridal shower in two weeks. How did you wrap them? Thanks so much!!

I just finished a blog post which included your croissant sandwich and the link to your site. My post is all about picnic foods!