Pretty Pants Are For Lounging

You wake with the sun on a Saturday morning. The windows are open and a warm, light breeze comes through, filling the room with the sweet smell of springtime. The day is yours.

You toss your hair into a knot on top of your head and throw on a pair of the softest, lightest pants. They’re pretty and you feel pretty in them. As you make your way into the kitchen to grab a piece of fruit, you don’t walk. You float.

You float throughout the house all morning, taking long, thoughtful pauses to notice for the first time a texture on your wall that’s probably been there all along, or to gaze out at the clear sky, wondering the deepest of wonders. The day is yours.

You find yourself submersed in an old magazine, realizing that you’ve only ever flicked through it in the past. Suddenly the pages feel real between your fingers. The images have never been more vibrant. The words sink into your mind, with no other plan than to linger there for a while. The day is yours. Today, you lounge.

On days like this, all I want to do is slip into the prettiest pair of lounge pants and daydream the day away. Jana is wearing the Colorblocked Wing Pant and the Paisley Mixed Pant.

Messy bun

Magazine, printed couch

Printed couch, printed pants

Magazines, shaggy rug

Printed lounge pants

Photos by Brigette

Shop lounge.

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8 years ago

I love those pants they look extremely comfy & stylish for when I am at home/ babysit/ run short errands/ .

8 years ago

I wish I could put my hair into a perfect bun like that. My hair is so thick it’s impossible.

8 years ago

Awesome! I hate regular looking sweats, but these are totally acceptable. Love.

8 years ago

Oh, come on, guys. I love your blog but this post is is just a load of airy-fairy ‘we don’t sell clothes, we sell a lifestyle’ marketing poetry rubbish.

8 years ago

Can you tell me the name of the magazine that has the Sanna Annukka rug design on the cover?

8 years ago

Sundal- Have you ever had those days where you just want to flit around your house/apartment and maybe no one will see you but that doesn’t matter. Sometimes putting on those pants or that shirt you’ve been dying to wear- makes the day just feel right. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in wanting that. And obviously FP needs to sell clothes. But I think from the massive amount of posts on this blog, it’s pretty obvious that they are selling a lifestyle as well.

8 years ago

please do more of these types of posts. love them! :)

8 years ago

Seriously? No comments about that couch? Alright. Fine. I’ll do it.

Comment: Couch.

Who/What/When/Where/Why? I need all the answers! Oh mighty couch oracle! Show me yours ways!

8 years ago

Damnit. I wrote “yours ways”

8 years ago

hahaha Aminta! I love the couch the too!! :D