Trying Reiki: What To Expect

The idea of life energy has always been so intriguing to me. I’ve always believed in the concept of “mind over matter” and that we as humans are capable of doing anything – we just have figure out how to tap into our own energy.

I recently met a Reiki practitioner and was extremely inspired by her positive words and calming presence. The way she spoke was so light and free. It was as if she knew for sure that everything was right in the universe; that she was exactly who she needed to be and that she was completely open to all that life could ever offer her way. I decided then and there that I needed to try Reiki.

Reiki is a spiritual practice that aims to balance the energy within the seven points in your body known as chakras (energy centers). A blockage of energy in any of these chakras is what causes us to feel unbalanced, ungrounded, physically ill… and the list goes on. During a Reiki session, the healer will lay his or her hands on different points of the patient’s body in order to channel the ki (life force) of the universe. This life energy is said to flow through the body of the healer and into the patient.

I entered Lois’s home on a Monday evening. She greeted me with the same warm, welcoming energy that I felt when I we first met. She invited me to have a seat at her coffee table for a chat while we sipped tea and snacked on the most delicious baked treats – treats that had no real recipe, she told me. Just a mixture of whole ingredients like coconut, banana, and nuts. While we chatted about life, Reiki, and whatever else came up, I found my words to be focused around what I didn’t like about myself and how I’d love to change these things. I guess I thought that if my problems were laid out on the table, she would be able to have a better understanding of my energy flow, and hopefully help me to get everything in balance.

After chatting for a while, we walked over to Lois’s Reiki table, where she asked me to lay face up. She struck a bowl-shaped instrument with a mallet near my feet as a way to amplify my energy. This way it would be easier for her to feel it. Lois hovered her hands, palms down, over my body, starting from my feet and working up towards my head.

Lois reported that my energy felt “good.” I’m not sure exactly what that meant, or what to compare it to, but it was definitely a reassuring thing to hear. The only concern she noted was that there seemed to be a dip of energy around my stomach, where the passion chakra resides. I asked if this could be in any way related to stomach issues I have, and she said that it absolutely could be.

She paused for a second to open a book. She located a portion on stomach issues and noted that the probable cause is “Dread. Fear of the new. Inability to assimilate the new.” Yes, that sounds like me. She then read aloud a “new thought pattern” that I should practice: Life agrees with me. I assimilate the new, every moment of every day. All is well. She told me to write these words on a piece of paper and hang them on a mirror. This way, I can read them and then see myself, associating the words with myself and my life. I actually already have the quote memorized.

Life agrees with me

We talked throughout the whole session. We talked about random things, but a big portion of the conversation was Lois offering me advice on how to live in the moment and not worry so much. Her words were so sincere and filled with care. It was easy to feel relaxed and comfortable around her.

When the table session was complete (probably after 30-45 minutes, but I really had no concept of time), Lois wrote down some of things we had spoken about: two books, as well as the name of a scientist. The scientist had done a really interesting study on the different ways water crystalizes when positive words vs. negative words are spoken to it. Dr. Masaru Emoto. I really recommend that you check out this study – it’s insane.

Book titles

We had a little more tea and then I was on my way. I left feeling calm, refreshed, and… ready. For anything. I was charged and honestly felt like all was good. Over a week later, I still feel this way. I’m sure I’ll try Reiki again — it was an incredible experience.

Photos by Brigette

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Wonderful to hear you enjoyed the experience! :-) I have a “sister” who is a Reiki practitioner, she also plays soothing background sounds ie. the ocean, natural earth music.

like, like, like !! reiki & lois are the best!

I am so glad that you had a positive experience during your session. Besides my daily self-treatment, I’ve been practicing professionally for several years and have enjoyed the sense of peace and stillness a Reiki session brings to me and to my clients. I just thought it would be helpful to add that traditionally, a Reiki treatment is offered in silence and does not involve coaching or working with chakras. It sounds like that may be something additional that your practitioner provided.


I love this. Wonderfully written. We are very similar — same mental processes and the stomach issues — I definitely want to try reiki ASAP. And those two books look worthy of checking out too!

I too have been practicing Reiki professionally and as a daily spiritual practice for several years. There are no agreed-upon standards for Reiki training or treatment, and some of the elements this practitioner incorporates (including the concept of chakras, and talking during the session) are simply part of her individual practice and not something that everyone should expect from a Reiki treatment. In my own practice, I encourage my clients to close their eyes and remain quiet during the session, the better to “drop inside” and appreciate the deep meditative state that Reiki treatment gently brings them into.


“In 2006, Emoto published a paper together with Dean Radin in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. They describe that in a double blind test they conducted, 2000 people in Tokyo could increase the aesthetic appeal of water stored in a room in California solely through thought.[9] A better-controlled “triple-blind” follow-up study published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration did not yield positive results.[10] More than 1,900 of Mr. Emoto’s followers focused gratitude on water bottles in a vault over a period of three days. The water was then frozen and compared to two different sets of controls. Crystals… Read more »

I’ve never tried Reiki, but I have heard of it. It sounds like something I’d like to explore more. Thanks for the study suggestion.

I have reiki every week, I walk away feeling amazing and energised for the week, if u haven’t tried it you should. The best part of my whole week

Anais Bokanovsky

You are right Nicole, when I did my Reiki first degree I didn’t learn that it was specifically about the chakras. But of course they benefit from it.
Brigette, you know you can practice on yourself every day :) :)


Reiki is a wonderful thing!

Is Reiki a therapy like Acupuncture that can help with pain etc. or is it as i perceive it where someone runs their hands over a person using energy to heal. If this is the case how does one learn such a therapy?

regards Mike

Hi Mike,

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice, similar to meditation, that promotes balance within the body. Reiki is a passive practice that initiates the receiver’s own self-healing mechanisms, whereas acupuncture is more directed and involves the practitioner manipulating qi within the receiver’s body. The two most commonly reported benefits of a Reiki treatment are reduced anxiety and pain. Here is a helpful resource that includes some points to consider when choosing a Reiki class and teacher:

Hope this helps!

I want to to thank you for this very good read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it.
I’ve got you book-marked to look at new things you post…

I love Reiki. I have gotten into a ritual of putting Reiki energy into the food that I eat, so that I can bless it and combine my energy with the energy of the food that is bringing nourishment to my body. I feel like it really helps me to be more aware and balanced when I’m eating, instead of just shoveling food in my face. : )

Reiki Healing is really a good method for healing. It is really a very nice post and shares good information about this. I do follow on this. It is very helpful technique.

Thank you for sharing your insights, it’s always nice to see articles on what to expect with a Reiki session! We invite you to share your wisdom by commenting on our articles as well.

Love & light,
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