Scenes From The Office

Here’s another weekly roundup of scenes from the office. The golden hour sun was making everything in our building glisten and created really interesting shadows throughout. I had a lot of fun shooting these pictures this week. Enjoy!

scenes from the office-free people display

scenes from the office-blog post

scenes from the office-feathers

scenes from the office-pup

scenes from the office-large window

scenes from the office-yarn light

scenes from the office-red dye

scenes from the office-second floor office

scenes from the office-inspiration wall

scenes from the office-mirror 2

scenes from the office-lobby 2

 photos by Jana

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So much creativity going on under one roof, it must be a dream to work there!


Looks like so a fun and inspiring place to work.

I would love to work in an environment like that!

ugh what a beautiful work environment!!

What a beautiful office! I wish all offices looked as awesome as this!

Great photos Jana, Really creative did you use Instagram to get that amazing effect or is it your camera.