Spring Nail Polish: Colors We Love

Come warmer days my nails come alive with color, like buds on a tree. I love the slight bit of happiness they bring when I glance at them and when I’m typing on my keyboard. I always stay close to pastel shades in the spring/summer months and pick colors that contrast or pop against what I’m wearing that day. My¬† favorite colors are mint green and coral orange. I feel these colors best suit my skin tone. Do you have favorite nail colors you like to wear during the spring and summer?

spring nail color




  1. I love the mint and coral orange (I even tend to wear them together); however, I am wearing a almost neon mint green.

  2. Living on a ranch, I’ll just appreciate those lucky ladies who get to wear nail polish! My feet are in boots year round especially during the spring/summer (let’s hear it for rattlesnakes) so I’m most happy with a pedicure, and then (also being an artist) I allow for creative freedom for the pedicurist with my toes! :-)

  3. I love both! I currently have on Essie Where’s my chauffeur? and I love it!! What brand/shade is the coral orange in this photo? I love it and it’s so hard to find a good one for fair skin.

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