Summer Lovin’: Why We Love This Season!

FP Jemma

Summer is a time when I feel most free… there’s a glow on everything, there’s a sweet scent that floats in the air. I love when my skin feels sun-kissed and a slight breeze cools me. The days seem to go a lot slower in the summer, like the time freezes inside a golden bubble. The ocean calls me, entices me to play around in its salty waves and soft sands daily. Summer is a time for daydreaming, a time for the imaginable and a time for sun-kissed loves with everything you know… summer is my favorite time of year. The summer is mine.

FP Jana

Summer months are my favorite because that means beach time is guaranteed. I have family who own cottages in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Long Beach Island, New Jersey. L.B.I is one of my favorite places. Both of my parents met and grew up there. I like that I get to follow in their footsteps of spending long days riding bikes around the shore and soaking up the summer rays.

Summer beach day

FP Brigette

I love the fun vibe of summer. The days are bright and long and people are just overall happy! So much time is spent outdoors, enjoying nature, and for every day that’s packed with adventure, there’s an equally enjoyable day that’s filled with nothing but lounging around.

Summer bikes

FP Julia

Summer is by far my favorite time of year…and my favorite thing in the world is the days when I get off work, the sun is still shining, I throw some clothes in the trunk of my car and hit the road to go to the beach. As you near the ocean the salt air reaches your nostrils and all the worry and stress of everyday life back in the city flies out the window. There’s nothing better than sand in your toes and salt in your hair and the moon over the ocean.

Summer beach moon


  1. I totally agree, summer is my favorite season of all…

    the smell of the ocean, beach hair, flip flops, messy buns, caftans ~ summer tunes, bicycle rides on the boardwalk, walking barefoot in the sand, family time, summer gardening, bbq’s, lazy days in my hammock…beautiful sunsets!

    thank you for this lovely post – it’s still quite cold here in the mountains, hoping the weather turns soon!

  2. Hi, I love these songs, they all have a light summer feeling :)

    Common Mama- Possibly Mine
    Summer Heart- I wanted You To Stay
    Slow Magic- Moon
    Robert Francis- Mescaline
    Washed Out- Amor Fati
    Angus Stone- Broken Brights
    Rhye- Open
    James Vincent McMorrow- Higher Love
    Houses- Soak It Up

  3. Hey, I don’t mean to be a downer, but my favorite season is spring! Everything is so alive and the trees are blooming and there are flowers, and it’s just starting to get warm. Anything is possible.

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