Travel Lust: Trancoso, Brazil

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about Brazil. The exotic senses spun around in my mind for hours and hours. The next day I found this… The Blue Atelier in Trancoso: a quiet, pristine fishing village on an unspoilt stretch of Brazil’s Discovery Coast, a place that seems as if it has resisted the passing of time by staying true to itself.

Whenever I go on vacation, cabana-style housing always appeals to me more so than a luxury hotel. I like to feel a part of the environment and culture, which sometimes a big hotel can take away. Blue Atelier is a small cabana that resembles a traditional fisherman’s hut of Bahia. The walls are washed with a soft blue, fitting in perfectly with the shops and houses in its near surroundings. The cabana is full of clapboard shutters on the windows and doors, allowing you to open up and let the fresh air drift in, leaving trails of natural beauty.

And, it’s not that far away from the beach!

travel lust brazil

travel lust brazil

travel lust brazil

travel lust brazil

travel lust brazil

travel lust brazil

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This looks so beautiful ! xx


i’ve been here and it’s insane. loved everything about trancoso <3 <3


I think one day I’ll come here.

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