Wanderlust: Travel Essentials

It has become that time of year when people are jet-setting around the world for a vacation, and for me preparing for the on-flight experience is just as important as packing for your vacation. I have always had travel fever. I feel like my mind expands whenever I go to a foreign country and it enriches my outlook on life. I like to think I have a gypsy soul, always wanting to explore new places and cultures.

Whenever I fly, I always like to prepare what I will need: outfit, carry-on essentials, book, music and other things that will keep me zen whilst up in the air. When I fly I always choose the comfiest of outfits like some baggy harem pants, a loose tee, a sweater just in case it gets chilly and of course some comfy shoes, although I always tend to take them off mid-flight. In my carry-on bag I always need some kind of essential oil to calm my mind and these Hollow & Ridge ones are my new favorite thing. Whenever I’m on a flight I find the best ideas come to mind, so I always like to carry a moleskin and pen, just to make sure no ideas slip away. A good book is always a must. Sometimes I get anxious thinking about the time spent in the air and this helps to keep my mind off it. And lastly, I always like to feel well before I fly, never sluggish or groggy, and this new supplement from GLOW, an inner beauty powder helps to nourish and enhance from the inside out.

That’s everything I need whilst I’m flying — my essential carry-ons!



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10 years ago

Planes are my least favorite form of travel, but are, of course, the most convenient. I always bring at least two books with me, just in case I can’t get lost in one of them. The essential oils is a really good tip, though. I’m sure that would calm my up-in-the-air anxiety.

10 years ago

I wish I had some travel plans in the near future. :(
Thanks for this list, though. Will keep these handy when I do travel.


10 years ago

Those are some great suggestions! I always love the plane ride. I feel like when I’m up in the air, there are no demands on my time. Nothing to do but relax.

10 years ago

In June my sister and I are taking a road trip to Florida to see our brother and his wife! These tips will be helpful :) I love traveling, but don’t get to do it very often..I have only traveled by plane one time and I actually enjoyed it!

10 years ago

I have a gypsy soul too. I am so happy I have travelled as much as I have. I ended up finally settling down on the opposite side of the planet to which I was born. I still travel but I finally found a home!
I love how FP clothes are the BEST to take when travelling because they are perfect for layering! Layering really is the key to the best travel wardrobe…

10 years ago

great suggestions! what I hate is to pay the overload when checking at the airport

9 years ago

I won’t fly without my calm or balance. Helps me chill and feel grounded. Plus the bonus of keeping those close quarters smelling good ; ) I definitely had air travel in mind when I was experimenting with the CALM recipe . xo

8 years ago

As a women we usually try to keep everything to the minimal during travelling. But there are a few things that you cannot miss out on. A neck pillow is one travel essential to help you stay comfortable throughout. Keep away all your beauty essentials in a makeup case.