60-Second Stylist: 3 Aspirational Looks For Summer

For this week’s 60-second stylist featuring Aline Weber, our stylist Mandi created 3 aspirational looks for your summer days: an eclectic, bohemian look; a nighttime Ginger look; and a casual-yet-cool tomboy look with some amazing vintage overalls. We love mixing our looks up in the summer and these looks for sure tap into 3 different personalities. Watch as we style the cool Aline Weber and learn some tricks of the trade from our stylist.

Aline Weber

Look one: Your Dreams Maxi Skirt , Metallic Textured Stripe Scarf, Asymmetrical Scarf , Darla Wrap Sandal, Pewter Short Chain Necklace , Orion Metal Tusk Necklace 

Aline Weber

Look two: (similar) Ex Boyfriend Tee, Flower Field Maxi Skirt , Leather Cross Harness, Overland Ankle Boot, Eternity Snake Pendant

Aline Weber

Look three: overalls coming soon, crop top coming soon, Parker Chucks, bracelets

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7 years ago

What’s that free flowing long sleeved floral top hanging in the background? Adorable and easy!

7 years ago

I love that overalls have made ac comeback!


7 years ago

i love the fitted black cropped top in look one. where can i find it on your website?

7 years ago

Beautiful! I love the first look the best. (wish I had the abs to pull it off!) I also really adore that ombre sundress in the background.

7 years ago

Will the henley tank top in the second look be available on the site soon?