Adventures From Echo Park, Via Our LA Designer

 Hello True Hearts.

Just recently I had the luxury of spending a work day with my current LA Design teammate Kelly and My former teammate Emma from FP Beach, who was visiting from Philadelphia. I am always amazed at how magical it is that I get to work with such wonderful creative humans, and sometimes we get to jump around the world together in the name great clothes-making. So here is a silly little collection of a few different trips of running around the globe with some of my favorite co-workers past and present. Keep the adventure in your eyes! Never slow your roll and always be gracious!

More moments soon,


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10 years ago

great pics.
love the stuffed animal clock…genius!

10 years ago

Awesome! I see you were in Korea. I lived there for five years. Loved it! Amazing place!

10 years ago

I saw the pic of Taiwan!!!:D Welcome~